Sunday, 10 March 2019

Stories on Facebook

Stories on Facebook: I am sure you must have heard of the stories on Facebook if you are reading this post right now. Well, it is rumored that the Facebook stories is another form of the news feed that allows you to add your own filter and effect to your camera instead of just posting raw pictures. The Facebook story relies totally on your camera except you want to make a post ordinarily and decide to add it to your story. This makes your device camera the most natural home for Facebook stories. If you use WhatsApp you can get an idea on what this topic is all about.

Facebook Relationship with Facebook Stories – Stories on Facebook

Facebook stories are more like a Facebook status update. This connects both Facebook and the stories. Of course, before you can view any one story on Facebook you must have an account and you must have that person as a friend. You can also see people stories that made theirs public. Adding a photo, video or text to your Facebook story isn’t really difficult. You can even do this using your Pc or any mobile device. I would have outlined a detailed step on how to create a Facebook account here but I do not really see it necessary as we are talking about stories and not the account.

How to Share a Text, Photo, or Video to Your Facebook Story – Stories on Facebook

A Facebook story is only available for twenty four hours. To add a photo or video to your Facebook story, follow these steps;
  • Log in to your Facebook account and go to the news feed.
  • Find the link that says “add to your story” and click it.
  • Wait for the page to load and a text field would now be opened.
  • Click “photo/video” to add a photo or video from your PC. To add a text, type the text in the text field. You can also change visibility of the post by using the option beside the “your story” link.
After adding your post, photo, or video, click the share button to successfully add it to your story. You could also add music or recorded video to your Facebook story. This can only be done using a mobile device if you know what I mean. I mean you cannot see the camera icon to record a video when you are using a PC. You can also add stickers to your Facebook story. There are many things you can do with Facebook stories. Imagine how you can reply a Facebook story or even mute it.


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