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How To Make Photos Private In Facebook

In this guide, i will teach you How To Make Photos Private In Facebook. You could make images personal on both the site version and also the mobile version of Facebook Remember that you could not modify the personal privacy choices for images, videos, and albums that you didn't submit to your account.

How To Make Photos Private In Facebook

Method 1: Making a Single Photo Private on Facebook

1. Open Facebook. Go to https://www.facebook.com/ in your web browser. This will certainly open your News Feed if you're logged right into Facebook.

- If you aren't logged into Facebook, enter your e-mail address and also password to do so.

2. Go to your account. Click your name in the top-right side of the Facebook page.

3. Click the Photos tab. You'll locate this below the cover picture that's at the top of your Facebook page.

4. Select an image category. Click a category tab (e.g., Your Images) near the top of the web page.

5. Select a picture. Click a picture that you intend to make private. This will open the picture.

- The photo must be one that you published, not just among you that someone else uploaded.

6. Click the "Privacy" icon. This icon usually appears like a silhouette of a person (or more people) that you'll discover below and also to the right of your name in the upper-right side of the picture. A drop-down menu will certainly show up.

- If clicking this symbol causes a menu that claims Edit Post Privacy, click Edit Post Privacy to visit the post, then click the privacy symbol on top of the post prior to continuing.

7. Click More ... It's in the drop-down menu.

8. Click Only Me. This choice is in the expanded drop-down menu. Doing so will immediately change your photo's personal privacy to make sure that only you could see it.

Method 2: Making a Cd Private on Facebook

1. Click your name in the Facebook screen's upper ideal corner to open your profile.

2. Click the "Photos" link to open the Photos and Videos page.

3. Click an album to open it.

4. Float your computer mouse arrow over the icon to the right of the album's name. Text appears specifying the album's present personal privacy setting. For example, the album might have a globe icon and also the setting "Public".

5. Click the icon to open a drop-down menu.

6. Click "Only Me" to conceal the album.

Idea: When the appropriate time comes, open each image in the concealed album. Click the "Share Picture" button in the lower right corner of the image and select "On Your Web page" from the drop-down menu that appears on top of the sharing window


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