Monday, 19 November 2018


WHO LOOKED AT MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT? Facebook does not allow you to see those thaw viewed your profile, this is because of its privacy agreement which is gamin to them but nevertheless, these individuals can be seen using some certain procedures which is treated in this article.  
To view such individual, make sure you have login to your account via Google chrome browser installed with chrome expansion for Facebook, then follow the steps below;
  • Go to your Facebook profile, from here click on browser options and select page resources
  • A new tab is displayed which contain codes, press ctrl+F to bring up a search box, where u search "initialchatfriendslist"
  • From the search result, copy all the codes after the searched word in batches, these represents the ID of the people who viewed your profile
  • Paste the code in front of www.facebook.com/ i.e. if the code is "GJCh" then you enter www.facebook.com/GJCh
  • After sending, the profile of such individual are displayed, now you recognize them.
  • Note that the first set of ID are the people that recently checked your profile while the last sets are those that has long checked it or have not checked at all. You should also note that this procedure only works if those individuals are also using Google chrome to access their Facebook account. 
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Since you now know the tricks, kindly share to other so the procedure will expose those viewing their profile.


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