Tuesday, 20 November 2018

How Do You Remove a Page From My Facebook?

How Do You Remove a Page From My Facebook?: It might come to a situation where you are fed up of your Facebook page including whatever that is happening on it and you’ve made up your mind to totally let go of the page, this write-up will teach you how you can remove a page from Facebook and at the same time how you can undo your decision even after making it.

Before we start the procedure, it is good to note that only an admin of a Facebook page has the authority to remove the page, a casual member is not given this privilege, so if you are an admin of a Facebook page and you made the decision to remove the page from Facebook, here are the steps to take below;

1. Go to Settings just at the top of your Facebook page

2. Select General

3. Then, select Remove Page

4. Check for the name of the page you want to delete and then click Delete Page

5. Confirm by clicking OK

You have to note that the total removal of the page may last up to 14 days, so no posting activity must occur during this period, else the page won’t be deleted.

If you feel you’ve made a terrible mistake by deleting your Facebook Page and you want it back so badly, here are the steps to take below to revert your actions;

1. After deleting, within the 14 days lapse, go back to your page

2. Click on Cancel Deleting which is at the top of the page

3. Then confirm by clicking OK

Note that you can only restore the deleted page within the 14 days after deleting it, any time after that, your page will be permanently erased.

I hope this was helpful to remove your Facebook page, you may help to share this to your friends and give them the chance to learn how they can remove a page from Facebook.


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