Tuesday, 20 November 2018


APPLICATION TO IDENTIFY THOSE THAT UNFRIEND YOU ON FACEBOOK: Facebook is a worldwide social network which enables users to control their activities themselves through it various setting and privacy policy but it is unfortunate that it does not allow users to know or identify those that unfriended them. This urge displayed by users to detect those that unfriended them has brought about this article which will discuss on two basics ways to know those that have unfriended you on Facebook.

The use of web browser Addon/extension
  • Mount the add-on or extension plugins onto your web browser preferably Firefox or chrome browsers
  • Then login using the browser into your Facebook account
  • Wait until your friends list is up to date, uploading them might take up to 3 min depending on how plenty your friends are
  • The browser will continue to notify you whenever some unfriends you on Facebook
  • But to detect those that have unfriended you before, simply go friends, then click on lost friends
  • The displayed list of friends are those who have unfriended you.
The use of a 3rd party site
  1. Simply open www.who.delete.me on any browser
  2. On this site, login to your Facebook account and enable crucial authorization
  3. When successfully logged in, a list of those that unfriended you on Facebook is displayed
Now you see it extremely easy to detect that friend of yours who backslides and broke the oath by unfriending you on Facebook. Since this article has helped you acquire that, why not share it with those loyal friends, so they can also detect their disloyal friends.


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