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How to Change Your Facebook Password in 3 Easy Steps

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This tutorial is for changing your current password. If you’ve forgotten your current password, follow the steps in the Heavy tutorial below:

1. Login to Facebook Using Your Current Password

Once logged in, go to the top right of your page and click on the settings icon.

2. Go to Your “Settings” Page

Click on the “Settings” option.
Clicking on “settings” will navigate you to your account settings page. Look for the “Password” area four options down. Click the “Edit” button on the right.

3. Change Your Password

After clicking on the Edit option, you have to enter in your current password, then create your new one. Make sure the new password you make is either “medium” or “strong”. Having a weak password makes it easier for your Facebook to be compromised again in the future.
When you’re done, click on “Save Changes.”
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How to Delete fb Account Permanently from mobile without waiting 14 days - Desktop

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This is how to delete Facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days: In this latest Facebook Online Support article, we will show you how to delete your Facebook account forever without having to wait for 14 days or any time frame.

Delete fb Account Permanently

I believe you are tired of Facebook and you are confused on the decision to take whether to remove your account temporarily or permanently. There is a clear difference between the deleting and deactivating a Facebook account.

As you may already know, there are so many ways one can close a Facebook account without having to wait for a particular duration. Usually, Facebook takes 90 days (about 3 months) to completely erase off all data concerning your account.

This duration is to give you time in case you have a change of heart to continue Facebook. Within this 90 days, if you truly want to delete your account - - DO NOT login to your Facebook account else your deletion will be nullified and your account reactivated. Same goes to account deactivation.

Deleting a Facebook account temporarily means that you are DEACTIVATING YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and closing it permanently means DELETING YOUR FACEBOOK. Below are the differences that exist between them.

If you choose to deactivate your account:
  • You can reactivate whenever you want.
  • People can't see your Timeline or search for you.
  • Some info may remain visible (example: messages you sent).

If you choose to delete your FB account:
  • You can't regain access once it's deleted.
  • Deletion may be delayed a few days after it's requested. A deletion request is cancelled if you log back into your Facebook account during this time.
  • It may take up to 90 days to delete data stored in backup systems. Your info isn't accessible on Facebook during this time.
  • Some things aren't stored in your account. For example, a friend may have messages from you after deletion.
  • Copies of some material (example: log records) may remain in Facebook's database but are disassociated from personal identifiers.
So, if you choose to close your Facebook account temporarily or Deactivate your account, here's how to go about it.

How to Delete Facebook Account Immediately Using Your Facebook App

  • Tap on the menu button at the top right hand of your Facebook page.
  • On the screen that pops up, scroll down to "Account settings"
  • Click on "General"
  • Click or tap on  "Manage Account"
  • On the pop-up screen, tap on "Deactivate" at the right hand corner.
  • Enter your correct password on the screen that pops up and tap on "Continue".
  • On the next page, you will be asked if you are sure you want to deactivate and to give reasons why you want to deactivate your account.
  • After you have provided the necessary information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on "Deactivate" to deactivate your account. 
  • You will once again be asked if you want to deactivate your Facebook account, tap on the "Deactivate" button to deactivate your Facebook account.

How to Delete Facebook Account Immediately On Your Browser 

  • Log in your Facebook account details.
  • Click the account menu  at the top right of your Facebook page.
  • On the drop-down menu, select the “Settings” option.
  • The screen that pops up shows your General Account settings, click on "Manage Account"
  • On the screen that drops down under Manage Account, scroll down to "Deactivate your Account"
  • At the bottom of the page, click on the "Deactivate your account" link.
  • A new page will be open, where you need to enter your password.
  • After entering your password, click on the "Continue" button.
  • You’ll be directed to a new page, where you need to tell the reason behind your deactivation.
  • After you've provided the needed information, click on the ‘Deactivate’ button for deactivation.
  • Facebook will once again ask you to confirm your decision to deactivate Facebook account. Click on the "Deactivate Now" button to immediately deactivate your Facebook account.

If you choose to delete your Facebook account permanently or Delete your account, here's what to do:

You are advised to download a copy of your Facebook data before you delete your account for future purposes. To download a copy of your Facebook data:

  • Click the downward arrow at the top right of any Facebook page
  • Select "Settings"
  • Click on the link at the bottom of the main menu that says "Download a copy of your Facebook data".
After you have downloaded your data on Facebook, all you need to do is visit this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account, click on "Delete my account", then follow the steps to confirm your Facebook account deletion.

If you have the steps above correctly, your Facebook account will be deleted immediately but you may have to wait for 90 days before everything concerning your account will be deleted.

To be on the safer side, after 90 days, don't still log back to your Facebook account because your tracking of days might incorrect. I will advise you use your friends account to find your account. If you don't see it, know that the deletion has worked.


Please let us know of any problem that you encounter during your Facebook account deletion or deactivation.

N/B: To easily deactivate your account, simply visit www.facebook.com/deactivate.php.


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    Delete Your Old Facebook Account

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    Did you forget the password to your old account and you want to  delete/close it to open a new account on Facebook. I would suggest you delete that old account while you open the new one. Let's show you how to delete that old Facebook account without your password.

    Delete Your Old Facebook Account


    To Delete Your Old Facebook Account On Your Facebook Application

    1. Log in your present Facebook account
    2. Locate your old Facebook account
    3. Click on the name
    4. Click on the three horizontal buttons at the right-hand of the page (close to message)
    5. On the drop down menu, click on ''Report''
    6. Click on ''Recover or close this account''
    7. On the pop-up screen, click on ''Recover or close this account''
    • If you select ''Recover this account'' you'll be logged out of your current account and taken through steps to help recover the account
    • If you select ''Close this account'', the profile will be reviewed and deactivated after Facebook is able to verify that it's your old account.

    Blocking someone on messenger- how to do it

    To Delete Your Old Facebook Account On Your Browser

    1. Click  in the top right side of the account's profile
    2. Click ''Report''
    3. Click ''Recover or close this account'' then tap on continue
    4. On the pop-up screen, you will be given options:
      • If you select ''Recover this account'', you'll be logged out of your current account and taken through steps to help recover the hacked account
      • If you select Close this account, the profile will be reviewed and deactivated after Facebook is able to verify that it's your old account.
    NOTE: Ensure that your current profile is not a friend to your old profile, i.e, on your current and new profile, you should not be friends with your former and old profile.

    As straightforward as that!
    Don't forget to hit on the share buttons!
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    How Do I Delete My Facebook Account Without Permanently Deleting It

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    If you want to delete your facebook account without permanently deleting it, then you should consider deactivating it. Deactivating your Facebook account is something very easy. We'd explain how to deactivate Facebook account step by step here but if you rather have a change of mind and wishes to delete your account permanently, then you should see this article.

    How To Delete Your Facebook Account Without Permanently Deleting It

    As I said earlier, when you deactivate Facebook, you are invariably deleting it temporarily - - we are going to show you how deactivate your account so that you can come back at any time to reactivate your account and connect back to your friends.

    Deactivating Facebook AccountTo do this, simply click on this link: www.fb.com/deactivate and follow the onscreen instructions to successfully delete your Facebook account temporarily.

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    SnapChat Login & Sign Up with Facebook

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    SnapChat Login & Sign Up with Facebook: Snapchat app has been regarded as one of the world most used app for connecting with friends and family. Snapchat account is used to capture pictures of your fun moment as well as videos and share it with your friends and family who are fare away from you at the moment.
    SnapChat Login & Sign Up with Facebook

    In this Snapchat sign in guide, we shall be giving you all the simple steps required from you to login Snapchat account through the online web, that is to login using Chrome or Mozilla browser without any issue. Have it in mind that Snapchat Login online on web is very easy, so let’s check it out bellow.

    Steps for Free Snapchat Online Login – Snapchat LoginThe following are the simple steps which you need ti take for Snapchat online sign in via the official website. The steps are explained in the following section: 

    • Visit the Snapchat Login Online website by clicking here
    • You will get a window, in which you are requested to enter two information. And they are Username and Password. 
    • After you have entered the login credentials, click on the LOG IN button. 
    There are lots of wonderful features which Snapchat app has, so we are going to show you few of the basic features. The app has got many features with it, we will provide some of the major ones in the section.

    Basic Features of SnapChat Apk for Android | Snapchat for PC
    • Using multiple filters on one snap. 
    • You have got friend emojis, which appears next to the person who has added on the Snapchat Online. 
    • You are suggested to turn on the Travel Mode on since the app consumes a good amount of data and battery of your phone. 
    • You may find some of the old Lenses replaced with other updated lenses on the app. 
    • You can add your Birthday information on this application. 
    • The app has got a night camera mode, which offers decent pictures if taken in the dark. 
    Now that you have seen some of the amazing features of Snapchat apk for PC, Snapchat app for Android, Snapchat apk for iPhone and Snapchat for windows phone. Lets go straight to showing you how to sign in Snapchat account on Android mobile phone. 

    How to Login SnapChat on Android Phone – www.snapchat.com Sign in The steps that are to be followed for Snapchat Log in online with Android are as shown bellow.
    • Go to Google Play Store. Or download direct from https://www.snapchat.com/download
    • Install Snapchat apk by clicking the Install button in the first screen only, tap on this button. 
    • After the installation, create a new Snapchat account on the app. 
    • Click on AAccept to give the app Access to your Contacts, location, Camera etc, which is required for adding your friends on the app. 
    If you wish to try out the filters present on the Snapchat, then go to the Settings of the app. Find the option Additional Services, under this heading you will get all the filters and features.
    The user is required to choose the appropriate ones, which they want to use on Snapchat Online.

    The next to show you is Snapchat sign in with iPhone which is probably the most used device for Snap chat this days. Though Snapchat log in on iPhone is similar to that of Android discussed in the previous section 

    Steps for Snapchat Log in with iPhone The steps for Snapchat Login with iPhone are as follows:
    • Go to Apple Store for iOS users 
    • Search for Snapchat in the Apple Store and click on the Install button. 
    • As soon as the installation ends, start the application on your phone. 
    • You need to do Snapchat Sign Up. But if you already register Snapchat account, then you can easily login by using the login details 
    • Keep the username such that your friends can easily identify you, using the name itself. 
    Now you are all set to share snaps to your friends. Also, you can save the screenshots easily now.

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    How to deactivate and delete facebook account – Permanently delete facebook account

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    How can I deactivate and delete my facebook account right now – see details here
    : Do you wish to deactivate or delete your Facebook account completely for any reason? then follow the steps below to get it removed temporarily or permanently.

    How Deactivate Facebook Account

    You can deactivate your Facebook account temporarily and choose to come back whenever you want.
    To deactivate your account:
    1. Click the account menu  at the top right of any Facebook page
    2. Select Settings
    3. Click General in the left column or visit: web.facebook.com/settings?tab=account
    4. Choose Manage your account then follow the steps to confirm
    See a video on how to back up all your personal data and permanently delete your facebook account below:

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    Lookup Facebook by Phone Number

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    Here is an updated post on Lookup Facebook by Phone Number. Continue below.
    Lookup Facebook By Phone Number – Have you tried looking for Facebook profiles by contact number? Go into one that you know remains in a profile or published to a Wall– even a profile set to personal– and let me understand what you find.
    I have my contact number in my About section and the Facebook search engine returns simply my profile, so you understand that’s the ideal one.

    Lookup Facebook By Phone Number

    But here’s a search I did by telephone number for someone I’m not linked to and who does not have their phone number in their public profile. (Sorry for the blurring– to protect the innocent victim of my research.).

    How to Conceal Contact Information on Facebook.

    1. Once once again go to your account, click the [Accounts] tab and select Privacy Settings link.

    2. On the Personal privacy Settings page, scroll down and click Customize settings link (see picture. above).
    3. On the Customize settings page scroll to find Contact details area and it will reveal you all the contact details and whom you permit to see it.

    4. Click any among the contact details. like mobile number and pick the type of individuals who can see/access it. If you want to hide your contact number on facebook totally from everyone pick Customize. (see above).
    5. In the next window under Make this noticeable to you can choose the option Just Me or the others.

    Lookup Facebook By Phone Number, By choosing “Only Me” youre defining that only you can see that contact information on your facebook profile, while the rest of the world will not see it at all or access from their phonebook page, unless you specify specific people in the above step to see them.
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    How to view list of Blocked Users on Facebook

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    Blocking people on Facebook allows you to maintain control over who sees your Facebook posts or sends you messages. If it’s been a while and you’re not completely sure about who you’ve blocked, it’s possible to see who you’ve blocked. Stick around to learn how you can view the list of people you’ve blocked on Facebook.
    list of blckd users on fb
    Facebook keeps a record of every user you block, enabling you to see at a glance which users cannot contact you in any way when using the social networking platform. Blocked users are not displayed in alphabetically, instead they’re displayed in the order in which you blocked them, that is; from most recent to least.
    You’re allowed to take just one action when viewing a list of users you’ve blocked, and that’s unblocking them. You can view the blocked list when accessing Facebook from your computer’s Web browser.
    Viewing your list of Blocked Users on Facebook
    Below are steps on how to view the list of users on your Facebook blocked list on Mobile and Desktop.
    On Mobile Devices
    • Open your Facebook application
    • Click the menu bar on the bottom right corner of your screen (for iPhone). This menu bar is on the top right corner on Android devices
    • Scroll down to find and click Settings. This step is non-existent on Android devices
    • Click Account Settings
    • Scroll down through the options and select Blocking
    A new page comes up with a list of users you’ve blocked.
    On Desktop
    • Login to your Facebook account by visiting the Facebook website and entering your login details
    • Click the downward facing arrow on the top right corner
    • Select Settings
    • Click Blocking on the left side of the Settings page
    Names listed in the “Block users” area, which is in the middle of the page, are persons you’ve blocked
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    How To View My Facebook Profile As Someone Else

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    Do you ever ponder what people see exactly when they view your Facebook profile? If you’re the super curious type, i’m sure the thought must’ve crossed your mind. I’ll walk you through how to view your Facebook profile as someone else.
    view facebook profile as someone else
    For those asking themselves why there’s a need to view their profile on Facebook as someone else when you can just view it as yourself (i mean, you own the thing), here’s the difference…
    First, let me ask you this; do you think mirrors are important? Viewing your account is like looking at yourself through a mirror rather than down your nose (viewing your profile as yourself). Which is more efficient?

    Viewing Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else

    The procedure is broken down into steps to ensure clarity and comprehension with ease.
    Step One: Go To Settings
    To do this;
    • Click the downward facing arrow on the top right corner.
    • Select Settings from the drop down menu.
    Step Two: Select Timeline and Tagging
    A list of options pop up on completing the last task of step one.
    • Select Timeline and Tagging.
    This will take you to a page where there are various subsections.
    • Click View As under the “Who can see things on my Timeline” subsection.
    Facebook will then take you to your Facebook page which people who aren’t friends with you will see on viewing your profile.
    Step Three: View As Specific Person
    This option allows you to choose a particular friend and view your profile as that friend would. Amazing yeah? To do this, follow the steps below.
    • Click View As Specific Person on the black tap on the top of your profile.
    • Type in the person’s name whom you want to view your profile as.
    And thats about everything you have to do to view your Facebook profile as someone else
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    How to Install Facebook Messenger for Windows

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    How To Install Facebook Messenger For Windows: Facebook Messenger is currently rivalling WhatsApp when it concerns sending out cost-free messages to your contacts through the internet. If you're not accustomed to either application, they allow you to send out messages utilizing data or wi-fi.

    Facebook Messenger is readily available to any person in the UK, not simply people who have a Facebook account, and could additionally be used to contact groups of individuals and also make voice as well as video calls-- all that is called for is that you have to remain in the contact checklist of the person(s) you are messaging, and they in yours.

    If you don't already have the application on your phone or tablet computer, here's just how you could download it and also begin calling your friends.

    How To Install Facebook Messenger For Windows

    Just how do I install Facebook Messenger on my iphone tool?

    1. Open Up the Application Store on your gadget.

    2. Touch the Search switch at the bottom of the display. This opens up the application search area.

    3. Key in words 'Messenger' - a number of applications will show up in the search results page. Locate the app developed by 'Facebook Inc' and also tap the 'get' button. Conversely this web link will certainly take you right to the pertinent page.

    4. Tap 'install'. The app ought to after that start downloading. Depending on your protection and also personal privacy setups, you might be asked to supply your Apple ID prior to your tool lets you download.

    5. Once it is downloaded, there must be an 'Open' switch to touch in the Application Store to begin Facebook Messenger - or you can merely discover the Messenger icon in your apps and also tap that.

    6. When you have launched the app, you should be motivated to visit-- you can use your Facebook account to do this if you have one, or create a Messenger-only account if you select not to be on Facebook by clicking 'Not on Facebook?'. Comply with the directions on the best ways to sign in utilizing your telephone number or e-mail.

    How do I install Facebook Messenger on my Android gadget?

    1. Open the Google Play Store on your tool.

    2. Kind 'Messenger' in the search field. A list of applications will appear.

    3. Find the app created by 'Facebook Inc' - which need to go to or near the first - and also select it. Additionally click on this link to go directly to Messenger on Google Store.

    4. Tap the 'Install' button. You might be asked to allow permission for Messenger to gain access to numerous devices on your gadget. If you enjoy with these, tap 'Accept'. Depending on your safety and also personal privacy setups, you could be asked to give your Google account password prior to your gadget lets you download the application. You might likewise should be connected to a wi-fi network to download.

    5. Once it has downloaded, tap the 'Open' button on the Messenger Google Store page. Additionally you can discover it on one of your home displays or in your list of applications - launch it by tapping the application icon.

    6. Login using your Facebook account, or if you don't have one tap on the 'Not on Facebook?' button on the login display. Comply with the guidelines on how to sign in using your contact number or e-mail.

    Just how do I install Facebook Messenger on my Windows PC or phone?

    1. Open Up the Windows Store on your tool.

    2. Kind 'Messenger' in the search field. A list of applications will show up.

    3. Click the application that was developed by 'Facebook Inc' It will certainly go to or near the first. Tap or click 'install/ to begin downloading Messenger. The application will certainly start downloading to your gadget. Alternatively, click on this web link and afterwards on 'Get the app'.

    4. Once it is downloaded, launch Facebook Messenger by clicking on the icon in your Start menu, or by discovering it on your homepage or in your apps list on your phone.

    5. Login utilizing your Facebook account, or if you do not have one, faucet or click on the 'Not on Facebook?' switch on the login screen. Adhere to the guidelines on the best ways to check in using your contact number or e-mail.

    Once you're all set up, the app will ask you if you intend to permit alerts. If you intend to earn voice and also video calls, it's important to permit notifications or else you will not know if individuals are attempting to call you, unless you have the app open on your tool at the time of the call.

    You ought to likewise be motivated about whether you want to import your contacts from your tool into Messenger. If enabled, the app will instantly check your contacts for those that have Messenger to ensure that you can call them quickly.

    Can I utilize Facebook Messenger without downloading the app?

    Yes, you can most likely to the Messenger desktop computer website at Messenger.com. You could use this site to access Facebook Messenger on any device. Nevertheless, you will require a Facebook account to do this.

    Facebook Messenger App

    1. Download Facebook Messenger Android
    2. Download Facebook Messenger iPhone
    3. Download Facebook Messenger for PC
    4. Download Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 
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    Farmville On Facebook Play now

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    Farmville On Facebook Play Now
     ~ Farmville is one more game on facebook about farming. In this game we work as a farmer supervisor who farm and also look after for the ranch to crops. I discover it is uninteresting but well it's okay for consuming time such as another similar video game like tikifarm, etc (which additionally on Facebook too). Why do i claim it's monotonous? because there are no such a target that make us a victor or looser, you just play as you like as well as you could leave it without worry if you'll shed everything.

    Farmville On Facebook Play Now

    Each time you play, you'll view your crops growing as well as get indicate reach greater degree. The highest level you reach the even more you could get variety of things for the farm. The more you harvest from your pet and also farms the more gold you obtain.

    You are also motivate to constructed social partnership with your close friends and other individuals that play as well as haven't play ...

    Farmville on Facebook video game

    This video game by invited them to be your neighbors after that you have to aid them to do their job and also you will certainly rewarded for that created. An additional typical example in Facebook video games right?

    This video game has wonderful soft graphic although particular functions of the game occasionally not properly or showed correctly and also make you feel bore because it will certainly take lot of time to load. This is perhaps among the another common weakness in Facebook's game as a result of maximum web traffic for numerous Facebook's members that play. However well, just what can you ask from a complimentary video game. Simply take pleasure in or leave it.

    Farmville by Zygna video games can be discovered on Facebook and and at Farmville.com. There are numerous regular players and I was one for over a year. I have not really played in a year however I have actually inspected in a couple of times to see exactly what's new with the game. There isn't actually anything in it to hold my interest actually. I started playing due to the fact that a person that sent a lot of work my way desired me to.

    I provided the game a try as well as it's not that bad but it's not that intriguing either. In the beginning I had a little story with only four squares that I grew crops that just took a couple of hours to harvest in. The video game was alright I think, however I would not have actually proceeded playing if it had actually not been for the pal that wanted me to play sending me sufficient work to cover the bulk of my monthly expenses.

    That neighbors in the video game need to aid you to accomplish particular job such as building and also expanding on barns and also such gives it a group work really feel. The problem is that the video game tends to freeze up from time to time. At initial it was just the occasional cold of the display and also it hardly ever troubled me yet as time went on it got so bad that I just dropped in to look at my farm every ... once in a while.

    As time took place I had the ability to get even more products for real estate pets, enhancing my farm and also keeping decors. The quantity of plants I can plant increased along with there being numerous new additions to the farm. The last addition I saw to the Farmville video game was the capacity to have a 2nd farm in England I believe it was. I obtained my second ranch and have not played because.

    Improvements in the video game consisted of not needing to manually collect each animal and also tree with the addition of ranch hands and also arborist which enabled for faster harvesting. One click was currently all that it required to get every tree as well as animal on the farm collected saving hours of time. These assistants can currently be obtained as gifts, from harvesting the equine steady or by acquiring them in the industry.

    Despite the broad selection of trees as well as animals being launched often, seasonal things and the capability to upgrade farm vehicles the video game is of no interest to me any longer. It's simply a series of clicks, rearranging products and seeing the screen freeze up for me. When Zygna mosted likely to the new message center it made the screen freeze up much more for me. I can only provide the video game a 2 for all the troubles it has although that it has numerous attributes that keep others so intrigued. 
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