Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Use Web Version Of Facebook On Mobile

Use Web Version Of Facebook On Mobile: Thousands of Facebook users utilizes or gain access to their account via mobile devices which has being automatically set to open the mobile version of Facebook but there are many features that can be enjoyed on the web version which is not on the mobile version.

For those using mobile devices and wish to enjoy the web version of Facebook, here are the different approach to follow to login to the web version on your mobile devices;

Approach 1: using the URL
By using the web URL on any mobile browser, you could gain access to the web version of Facebook, just follow this link www.facebook.com/home.php which leads you directly to the web version of Facebook
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Approach 2: using browser view option
Some mobile browsers possess view options which enables user to change the view to either mobile or web view at any convenient time. This article will take into consideration just two browsers, Google chrome and Safari browser

Google chrome browser
Login to your account via Google chrome, then on the homepage, click on the option button donated with three dots, then mark the "request desktop site". Finally refresh the page to display the web version.

Safari browser
Login to your Facebook account via Safari browser and click on the option button at the bottom of the page, scroll right and select "request desktop site", and then the page will automatically reload to the web version of Facebook.

I believe this article has help you surf the web version of Facebook using your mobile device, share to pals so they could also enjoy the various features that came alongside web version of Facebook.


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