Monday, 29 October 2018

How to make your Instagram account Private

How to make your Instagram account Private: When an account is set to private, public users are Blocked from watching its images as well as video clips. Before you can view or perform any action on such account, You have to ask for access from the owner of the account and except such request is granted, you cannot view such user’s account. Once it is authorized, you can check out the individual's profile and also touch the Follow switch to send out a follow request to the owner. 

Make Your Account Private

If you are very pleased with this private account feature and you wish to upgrade your Instagram account to private account which was initially enrolled as public on Sign up, which suggests that users could see your photos as well as video clips. Follow this simple and short step to turn your IG Account to Private. 
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Step 1: Open your profile page and tap the Menu symbol in the top-right corner.
Step 2: Toggle the Private Account button to the On placement to upgrade your account to private.

I hope this article was helpful? Have fun with your account now private, enjoy the reserved opportunities of a peaceful profile


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