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How can I change my Facebook username? | Change Your Name On Facebook

How can I change my Facebook username? | Change Your Name On Facebook: Are your childhood friends finding it difficult to find you on Facebook due to the kind of name that you used during your registration process or is your name on Facebook not sounding angelic like a name a slay queen or prince should bear and you are looking for how to change your Facebook username. Here are the simple steps to do that.

You knows already that Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world today. And if any one can’t find you on Facebook due to the nature of name their, it becomes a real problem. Though we have learnt that there series of reason why some people decides to Change Facebook profile name.
However, before you decides on weather to change your username on Facebook you have to bear it in mind that the privilege to change your name is just granted once. After which you wouldn’t be able to change again for the second time.
We believe that after reading this article, those who have been asking us through the contact us section saying please how can I change my Facebook account username will get the answers to their questions and we are as a way to help us serve you better waiting for your feedback in the comment section.
If you can’t follow the steps on how to Change your Username on Facebook account. then the change of Username option is available in settings of Facebook. But as said earlier the problem is that you can change it only once in your life time and username must contain some part of your real name.

How To Change Your Username On Facebook Again

To change your username on Facebook requires you to take just a three simple steps. So bellow are the simple guides with image to help you understand it clearer.
  • Log in to Facebook from your favourite Web browser, then click the Account menu button in the top right-hand corner and choose Account Settings. Or simply go straight to Facebook Account settings here
    Change Name On Facebook
  • In the new menu area that loads, click the Edit link on the same line as Username. Just as the image above is pointing at the edit with an arrow.
    How can I change my Facebook username
  • Enter your new preferred username into the text box and then enter your current password so you can save.
  • Finally, click “Save Changes
Immediately you click on the save changes button, all your friends on Facebook will be notified of the changes that you just made. So them do not really need to come and send you another friend request.
Note: Your username should include your authentic name. So while trying to Change your Facebook username again make sure that the new Facebook Usernames must be at least 5 characters long, and also must adhere to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
We hope that this simple guides on how to Change Your Facebook Username for the second or first time was helpful? use the comment section below to drop your feedback.

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