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How to delete your fb account permanently!

When you deactivate your Facebook account, you can restore it by simply logging in with your Facebook user login details.
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You should deactivate your Facebook account in case you want to get off of Facebook temporarily. On the other hand, if you want to leave Facebook forever and do not want to come back, you can delete the account permanently.

The Facebook app that almost all Android smartphones have only allows the users to deactivate and delete their accounts. In order to delete your Fb account permanently using your Android mobile phone, you must consider using the mobile version of the web browser instead of using the everyday Fb app, and after signing in to your Facebook account from the browser, you must use a particular URL that will redirect you to a new page from where you can permanently remove your account profile off from Facebook

How to delete your fb account permanently!
Here is how to go about it:
  1. Turn on your Android device.
  2. Tap the Menu button to go to the apps list.
  3. Open any of your favorite web browser from the given list of apps.
  4. After opening the web browser, open Facebook website on a new tab.
  5. On the opened window, provide your login credentials to sign-in to your Facebook account.
  6. Once logged-in to your Facebook, copy or type https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account in the address bar of the web browser.
  7. On the displayed page, tap the Delete My Account button under the Delete My Account section.
  8. Once done, on the Permanently Delete Account box, enter your Facebook password in the Password field.
  9. In the Text in the box field, type the captcha code displayed in the image.
  10. Finally, tap OK to permanently delete your Facebook account.
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How to Deactivate Linked Facebook Pages

After creating a page on Facebook, you might realize, for example, that there is only a small audience that is interested in its topic or that it infringes on someone's copyright. Because pages you create are linked to your account, your friends might still be able to access them by visiting your Timeline even if you stopped promoting them. You can prevent users from accessing pages you created by either unpublishing them or deleting them. While unpublishing a page simply prevents users from being able to access the page, deleting it will erase it permanently from the Facebook servers.

1. Open your Web browser and visit the Facebook.com homepage. Log in to the site.

2. Click on the name of your page in the left-hand column. If the name of the page you want to unpublish or delete is not listed, hover your mouse over "Pages" and select "More."

3. Click on the "Admin Panel" button at the top right of the site's interface to show the admin tools.

4. Open the "Manage" menu and select "Edit Page."

5. Click on the check box next to "Unpublish" and select "Save changes" if you wish to unpublish the page. Alternatively, click on "Permanently delete X," where "X" is the name of your page, and select "Delete" to delete it.


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