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How to delete and deactivate Old Facebook Account

How to delete and deactivate Old Facebook Account: Facebook has grown to becoming so good that they are soon going to become the largest social network in the world... Facebook currently have over 2 billion users and counting. The usefulness of Facebook expands as the day goes because of their constant innovation, many people flood the social network for this reason. If you are an entrepreneur Facebook has a package to help you with your services as well as individuals.

How to delete and deactivate Old Facebook Account

Now, you agree with me that when you signed up to Facebook, you were ignorant of some certain things but now, you have created a new account to fix those gaps. So how do you get rid of those accounts you opened at first? See: How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

In this guide, we'll show you how to delete old Facebook account by simply reporting the old Facebook account to Facebook team for review.

How to Close or remove your Old Facebook Account

In order to delete your old Facebook account, you need to login to your present Facebook account first.

Next, search and locate the account you wish to delete (your old FB account).

close Old Facebook Account

On the profile, you'll see the three vertical dots (see more dots) beside the Message.

deactivate Old Facebook Account

Click on it (dropdown)... next, click on it to report that account.

recover Old Facebook Account

Next, click on recover or close this account 

close Request for deleting Facebook account

Next, click on close this account 

Next, click on done!

That's all.

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This articles first appear here: How to deactivate/delete Old Facebook account


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