Friday, 12 October 2018

How Do I Log out of My Facebook Account?

How Do I Log out of My Facebook Account? - To login successfully into your Facebook account is as easy as reciting ABC... what about logging out of Facebook? How easy is it to log out from Facebook? It's also very easy too. There are two ways you can logout of Facebook account.

The former one is quite simple and easier but the later one will require you to go through Facebook settings before you can fully access the logout button.

Now, depending on the reason(s) you want to logout, you might consider to log out a (1) particular device or (2) Logout from All devices that has been used to access your Facebook account.

How Do I Log out of My Facebook Account?

To log out from your current device, simply click on the V-like drop down and select "Logout" at the top right hand corner of your Facebook page.

How Do I Log out of My Facebook Account?e

That's all!

Advance Facebook Logout

The Where You're Logged In section of your Security and Login Settings shows you a list of devices and browsers that have been used to log in to your Facebook account recently. Each entry includes the date, time and approximate location when logging in, as well as the type of device used to access your account.

To log out of Facebook on another computer, phone or tablet:
  • Go to your Security and Login Settings
  • Click on the Where You're Logged In section
  • Find the session you want to end and click End Activity
Clicking End Activity will immediately log you off of Facebook on that computer, phone or tablet.

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  1. How Do I Log out of My Facebook Account? - To login successfully into your Facebook account is easy, what about logging out? It's also

  2. nice... it'd help!

  3. How can I log out
    Better yet right now I'm in someone else's account I couldn't remember my password so I tried to change it I guess because I bought a new phone and a new number he put me on someone's name Miguel somebody's account and I can't get into my account

    1. If you have the email you used in registering, logout of Miguel's and visit www.facebook.com.... After which you need to locate "Forgot Password", enter your email and proceed.
      Now, go back to your mail inbox and you will see the new password sent to you.
      Go back to Facebook and login with this new password.

      If you like, you can change the new password to a friendly password so you can easily remember when you wish to log in on other devices.

  4. And the robot thing on this site is a f****** joke I sat there for 5 minutes trying to verify I'm not a robot

    1. Just be patient with it... you can give it like 2 or more hours before you attempt it again.


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