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Desktop Style Facebook

Desktop Style Facebook: I hope we all have used the Desktop Style Facebook at one point or the other and knows the difference between the full website and the mobile version on smart phones. Desktop website provide Complete Structure and More Functionalities in which few of these features might be hidden in mobile version. I know most of us are limited to the mobile version simply because we don't own a PC. in today's article we will show you 2 separate ways you can try 

Note: Google Chrome web browser was used in this guide so if you do not have one installed on your device, you can head to the Google Play Store to download and install one.
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Desktop Style Facebook

On Android
1. Using home.php Approach
This is one of the official method and generally one of the most preferred which works quickly and efficiently in nearly all internet browsers. Nevertheless a few of the web browsers like UC & Opera can adjust design to fit screen. Follow these listed below directions:
  1. Simply go to google chrome and include "/ home.php" after Facebook URL. Final web address will appear like this:
  2. https://www.facebook.com/home.php
  3. Ensure that you have actually used "www", otherwise it will not work and automatically redirect you to the default android mobile version. If login page appear, you can sign in first & try again. Once you are shown the desktop view, other links will be opened in very same version. As you close window, changes will disappear and you need to include home.php again next time.
2. Using Inbuilt "Demand Desktop Site" Function.

This technique works in all popular web browsers. I am using google chrome here. I hope we are not crucified for our strict use of Google Chrome, we all know it is the best browser with slot of features and add-ons that help human hack. Among many of Google Chrome's loved feature is "Demand Desktop Website" option which let you move from mobile version to desktop directly in one click.

To do this, you need to open web browser generally and then click the options button (3 dots offered right to the website URL tab ). After this a long menu list will appear. Discover and Click "Demand Desktop Website" choice
then simply go to regular Facebook website www.facebook.com. 
With these easy steps you are sure to enjoy Facebook's Full site feature on Desktop


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