Saturday, 14 July 2018

How Can I Suggest Friends to someone on Facebook?

How Can I Suggest Friends to someone on Facebook? Friends is the sole reason why Facebook exist, without having a friend on Facebook, socializing is not possible and therefore your presence on Facebook is not important, it’s just like you being in a world all by yourself without anyone to interact with. The act of recommending a friend to another friend on Facebook helps everyone on Facebook to connect with those that they may know and at the same time increase the number of friends they have on Facebook. So how can you suggest a friend to someone on Facebook, below are the steps to take; 

  • · Visit your Facebook account
  • · Then go to the friend’s timeline and select the arrow facing down at the top of the page
  • · From the drop down menu, select suggest friends
  • · Then scroll down through your friends list to select the one(s) you wish to suggest, you can also enter the person’s name in the search box to find the person
  • · Then click send suggestions to forward the suggested friends to the person you wish to send it to. 
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I guess that is simple enough? Why not start sending friend suggestions to those friends that lack enough friends on Facebook, you can as well share this article with them so they can suggest friends to anyone on their Facebook friend’s list.


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