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How Do I Unfollow someone On Instagram

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How Do I Unfollow someone On Instagram: As soon as you unfollow a follower on Instagram, you will definitely not see them anymore and at the same time, you won’t be able to view their posts on your news feed on Instagram. So if you are actually considering how to unfollow someone on Instagram, this article will teach you just that using basic steps

Instagram as we all know has billions of users, it is one of the most used social media platform following the likes of Facebook and Twitter. On this platform, you acquire followers as well as following some others, followers are those who loves to see whatever you share while following are those that you love to view whatever they share. Whenever you desire to hinder someone post on your timeline, this is when you unfollow them. With these steps below, you can unfollow someone on Instagram today
1. Open your Instagram app on your device.

2. Login to your Instagram account.

3. Go to your profile by a tap on your profile picture at the lower-right corner of your display

4. Select the Following option to view those that are following you.

5. From the list of your followers, select the individual you want to unfollow.
6. Now tap the following tab just in front of the name. Then tab unfollow.

7. A clarification box will pop-up to settle your activity. Touch the Unfollow alternative to continue.

Note that immediately you unfollow an individual, the tap changes to blue to inform you that you can actually follow him/her back

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I hope this was helpful to unfollow someone on Instagram, you may share this with your friends so they can also learn how to do this.

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How Can I Suggest Friends to someone on Facebook?

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How Can I Suggest Friends to someone on Facebook? Friends is the sole reason why Facebook exist, without having a friend on Facebook, socializing is not possible and therefore your presence on Facebook is not important, it’s just like you being in a world all by yourself without anyone to interact with. The act of recommending a friend to another friend on Facebook helps everyone on Facebook to connect with those that they may know and at the same time increase the number of friends they have on Facebook. So how can you suggest a friend to someone on Facebook, below are the steps to take; 

  • · Visit your Facebook account
  • · Then go to the friend’s timeline and select the arrow facing down at the top of the page
  • · From the drop down menu, select suggest friends
  • · Then scroll down through your friends list to select the one(s) you wish to suggest, you can also enter the person’s name in the search box to find the person
  • · Then click send suggestions to forward the suggested friends to the person you wish to send it to. 
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I guess that is simple enough? Why not start sending friend suggestions to those friends that lack enough friends on Facebook, you can as well share this article with them so they can suggest friends to anyone on their Facebook friend’s list.
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Facebook Messenger App Logout

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Facebook Messenger App Logout: Facebook messenger app was designed in such a way that it does not make it so easy for its users to logout, as sson as you connect the app with your Facebook app, it remains active even if you delete your Facebook app from your device. This article will reveal a couple of techniques that can be used to logout from your Facebook Messenger app without actually uninstalling the app from your device.
Below are the three major techniques that can be used to logout from Facebook Messenger app on your Android or iOS device;

For Android devices;
There are actully two techniques for android devices, you may either clear your messenger’s app data or logout through your Facebook app.

Clear App Data
To achieve this, follow this basic steps;
  • First make sure the messenger app is closed, it must not be opened in the background
  • Then go to the device settings, scroll down and select Application
  • Look down till you find messenger, click on it
  • From here, click on Clear data
  • Then confirm you really want to clear the app data by clicking Yes
And that’s all, whenever you visit the Facebook Messenger app, you will notice that your Facebook account is no longer log on to it anymore, you will have to login into your account or another account again if you wish to continue using the app

Log out with Facebook App
  • Open your Facebook app,
  • Tap the option button at the top right corner
  • Then go to account settings
  • Then to Security>login
  • You will then notice a setion that states “where you’re logged in, select Messenger and click logout
On iOS device
  • Open the Facebook Messenger app
  • Select the settings icon
  • Click on Terms of service
  • Then look down till you see data use policy, click the highlight
  • Select the menu bar at the far left corner
  • Click on more resources
  • Then on designer repayment terms
  • Look down till you see your profile image which you then select
  • Tap the dropdown selection feed
  • Then finally click logout
That’s all, you have eventually logged out your Facebook account from your Facebook Messenger app, and you can login into the app again using your account or an entirely different account.

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Now you don’t have to delete your Facebook Messenger App and reinstall it again before you can successfully logout your account. You can kindly share this article with your contact so they can learn how it’s done.

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Get Instagram Followers and Likes

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Get Instagram Followers and Likes: I usually make use of my Instagram account and I get to discover that it has over a billion users and still people keep creating new accounts every day to increase the number.
at first when I started utilizing Instagram, my followers list moved from nothing to a hundred plus within few days, but I discovered that soon after, the growth of my followers is reduced to a certain point when I no longer receive new followers.
This made me to go into research on finding out what exactly caused the a reduction in likes as well as followers on my account, it was then I realized what is so important on Instagram that make other users want to follow you and also like your shared pictures and videos. I will definitely share this experience with you in this article I titled “get Instagram Followers and Likes.

Now below are the tricks you have to follow in order to acquire more Instagram followers and likes on your Instagram account;

Connect your Instagram and also Facebook accounts
This is the best way to extend your wings to other social media platforms, by connecting your Instagram account with your Facebook account, you are indirectly inviting all your friends on Facebook to follow you on Instagram, so the more friends you have on Facebook, the more you earn more Instagram followers. You should be try to link any post shared on your Instagram directly into your Facebook account, this will constantly remind your Facebook friend to visit your Instagram account and as well follow you.

Use popular tags
Just like all other social media platforms such as Twitter as well as Facebook, Instagram users prefer certain tags to others. If you utilize tags such as #love #instagood #me #tbt #cute #photooftheday #instamood #iphonesia #picoftheday #igers #girl #tweegram #beautiful #instadaily #summer #instagramhub #follow and so on, you are definitely getting more likes as well as followers on Instagram

Usage preferred filters
just like how you use the tags on Instagram, users can select photos or pictures in specific filters over others. Here are the 10 most used filters on Instagram: Regular, Earlybird, X-Proll, Hefe, Increase, Valencia, Amaro, Brannan, Lomo-fi, and Hudson.

Instagram customers like commenting over preference
If you have intentions of getting more likes as well as followers on Instagram, then you need to engage with other users. You have to understand that people do more taste compared to commenting,
so, if you should develop an effective ability or make some effort to comment on somebody else's profile, the person will definitely like to comment on your too therefore giving you a like and follower at the same time.

if you strictly adhere to the above tricks regularly on Instagram, I am certain your followers and likes will increase drastically to the extent that you can’t imagine.

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You should also try to help other by sharing this article to friends, so they can learn the best tricks to get more Instagram followers and likes

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Download & Install Facebook Gameroom

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Download & Install Facebook Gameroom: Almost all the social media platforms has their Gameroom where their users can come and have fun whenever they are on the platform, this statement does not exclude Facebook which also has its fun platform called the Facebook Gameroon which is a Personal Computer gaming app. It is an entertainment platform on Facebook which incorporates lots of games that can help cool off Facebook users from intense Facebook surfing.
This platform though easily accessed but it can only be accessed on a PC and not on the mobile device, android or iPhone. You may be wondering which kind of games can be seen on the Facebook Gameroom, these set of games are also available on Google Play Store but the different here is that you can compete with your friends on Facebook to know who can reach the highest rank or scores. Some of the games that are contained in Facebook Gameroom include;
  • Candy Crush.
  • Pet rescue saga.
  • FarmVille.
  • Ball pool.
  • Texas Holden poker.
  • Angry birds friends.
  • Motorbike rider.
  • Top 11- Be a football manager.
  • And many more, you can search for game names with the search box to check if they exist on Facebook Gameroom
So, how can you get Facebook Gameroom on your PC, below is how it is done. But first your PC must have an OS of windows 7 or above, if not, it may not function on your PC.
After successfully downloading and installing the Facebook Gameroom, it will automatically collect all its free games at the homepage of the app which you can play whenever you feel bored.

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Note that the games on the Facebook Gameroom can only be played on the platform. You should also note that this app is not yet available for Linus and Mac PC users, Facebook are still working on developing a version that will work perfectly for these PCs.

I hope this article was a bit helpful, kindly share with all your contacts.
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Facebook Full Desktop Version

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Facebook Full Desktop Version: In case of those that have no idea of this, when utilizing Facebook on your mobile device you are automatically directed to the mobile version of Facebook i.e. m.facebook.com. You will notice that the mobile display of your Facebook page is far different from that of the computer or desktop display. After carefully checking out both displays, I came to a conclusion that the desktop view is far better due to the following reason;

1- Facebook mobile version does not offer the option of sharing of pictures, videos or links
2- To see which pals are online without a third-party app
3- Sight Facebook Timeline
4- Recognizing Facebook photos

So if you intend to switch your Facebook page from a mobile to desktop view, here is how you can do just that;
  • First visit the Facebook site from your mobile device via https://www.facebook.com/home.php
  • Now you have to login into your account, if already logged in, skip this step

  • on the home page or any other page you find yourself on Facebook, go to the URL of the page and then change the m. before facebook to www. and then tap go, then it will reload the page to the desktop version.
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And that’s it. You have successfully changed to the Facebook desktop version of the present web page on Facebook, this method relates to any kind of Facebook page.

Kindly share this with all your contacts so they can enjoy the extremely cool display of Fcaebook on the desktop version.
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How to Create a Custom Facebook Page

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How to Create a Custom Facebook Page: Are you a Facebook user and you are looking for a way to create a custom Facebook page? This article will explain into details how you can create a custom Facebook page. A Facebook page is the easiest means of showcasing what you’ve got to offer the public and at the same time advertise your product and market them
Creating a Facebook page is much easier than creating a Facebook group, though many Facebook users still thinks they are the same, but the truth is Facebook page is far different from Facebook group. The latter can only contain certain number of members while the formal usually is to capture everyone throughout the world that is connected with the business, firm or company.
If you desire to create a Facebook page, then you are definitely on the right track, you just follow the steps below to make your desires come true;
  • · Login into your own personal Facebook account
  • · Select the drop-down menu which is at the top right edge of the page
  • · From the dropdown menu, select “create page”
  • · Here you will be given 6 page choices to choose from, select the exact one that suit your desires
  • · Now type in the name you wish to give your page and then fill in other necessary details
  • · Then tap “Get Started” below the page
Now your page has being created, you can then add up a cover picture for your page, then invite other Facebook users by pasting the link on your wall and then you can start sharing what you intend to publish on the page
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I believe this was very helpful to create your own Facebook page? You should at least help someone out there who does not know how this is done by sharing this article with everyone on your contact. Thanks.
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Customer Service Phone Number for Facebook

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Customer Service Phone Number for Facebook: This my blog site educates you the fundamentals of browsing Facebook's Help Center to fix common account issues.

This article is to educate you on the different techniques to log your complaint to Facebook customer service centers. We may have tried some the methods to no avail and your issues are still yet to be resolved, with these methods, I assure you that you will not only speak with the Facebook customer service center, your request will also be quickly attended to.
Below are the techniques to contact the Facebook service centers for your complaints;

Using Facebook resources
You can visit the Facebook Help center via your mobile device or on your PC to lay down your complaints, you just login into your Facebook account, then select the help button which is directly after the search box. From here you can select from the already list sections of likely issues, they include; Facebook guide, Handling Account, policies and reporting, privacy and security etc. after picking the section related to your issue, you will be given directions on what to do in order to resolve the issue as quick as possible. If in a situation you can’t find a section that fits your issue in the listed issues, you can as well use the search box to search out sometime related to it.

Using Business Bureau
1. Open Facebook's Better Business Bureau page.
2. Roll down as well as click Submit a Complaint. This is on the lower right side of the webpage
3. Select “click Here to File a Complaint”.
4. Now fill in YES or NO in the Certification Questions form to make known your issues, below are the questions that may be contained in the form;
“-Is this an employee/employer complaint?”
“-Is this a discrimination or civil rights complaint?”
“-Does your complaint allege a criminal act?”
“-Is this a business with a complaint for collections purposes with another business?”
“-Is this complaint in litigation?”
“-Is this complaint based solely on dissatisfaction with a price?”
“-Is this complaint about a purchase you wish you never made?”
“-Are solely seeking an apology from the business?”
“-Are you filing this complaint for BBB information only?”
5. Select proceed to complete the form, you can as well clear the form and start all over again.
6. Roll down and click Submit Complaint.
7. Now you have to wait for a reply through your email address which may take up to some days before you receive one.

Sending an Appeal for Impaired Facebook Account
1. Login to the Disabled Facebook Account page. Note if your account isn't really currently disabled, you won't be able to submit an appeal.
2. Click the "submit an appeal" button
3. Enter your Facebook e-mail address, the one used to initially create the Facebook account

4. Enter your full name, same as the one you use to create the account

5. Click Choose Files and select an Identity photo or document.
6. After uploading the ID photo or document, enter some of the details of complaint in “Additional Info” box
7. Finally, click Send. (If you do not get a reply within a week, try resubmitting your this appeal)

Recovering Your Password
1. Open the Facebook website via its link
2. Click "Forgot Account?" at the login page
3. Input your name, e-mail address, or phone number in the space provided
4. Tap Enter.
5. Pick your confirmation code from your email address or phone number
7. Enter your code into the "Enter Code" space provided
8. Click Continue.
9. Input a new set of password.
10. Click Continue. Your password has successfully been reset across all Facebook platforms (e.g., mobile as well as desktop computer alike). 
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I hope you’ve been able to resolve some of your issues with Facebook help center, share this with your friends so they also can resolve theirs.
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Countdown Clock for Facebook

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Countdown Clock for Facebook: How do you start up a countdown for your Facebook post so it can be posted whenever the clocks stops ticking? If you don’t know, then this article will teach you how it is done. You can add up a countdown clock to your post so you can keep track of an event which is crucial to you in life.
You can actually use different third-party apps for this functions depending on how much time you want to set to countdown, just search online for any app that can be used to do just what you want to do. Just follow the steps below to include countdown clocks on your Facebook;

  • Go to Facebook website and login into your own account
  • Search Time and Date on the search dialogue box and select “Time and Date Countdown” from the search result
  • On the next page, select “go to app”
  • Now fill the required details in respect to the event you want to countdown, it may include the name, date or time.
  • Then select the personalization Alt for different countdown styles, you can either use any of the default style or use your preferred colour style.
  • Go to the preview part of the post and select where you want it posted to, you can either share the countdown with your friends on your wall or choose some other options like groups or pages.
  • Finally, select the “preview and share”, this will first preview how your friends will see the countdown, you does have an option to write what the countdown is exactly for, when you are done, select the share button to post it.
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And that’s all, I believe this was very helpful? You should help to share with your friends so they can learn how to include countdown clock on Facebook
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Clear Facebook Search History

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Clear Facebook Search History: Clearing or deleting your Facebook search history is an action you should take without thinking twice on it, keeping your Facebook search history will definitely increase the load of data on Facebook as well as there may be some search you made which you want to keep secret from anyone that might want to check your Facebook account.
So if you intend to clear your Facebook search History here’s how to clear Facebook Search History on different devices.

Deleting Facebook Search History on Desktop
1. Click on the Facebook Search bar.
2. Click on the Edit option in the top-right corner of the Facebook Search bar just like the picture below
3. When you are on the search history page, you will see the list of all the things you’ve searched for, you can delete individual search
4. To delete a search, just simply click the edit button next to each history. Click Delete.
5. A delete confirmation dialog box will appear. Click Remove Search, see picture below
6. To delete all the searches at once, look for Clear Searches option on the top of the page.
Clearing your searches from the activity log will also remove it from everywhere else they give the impression. For example, this will also remove the Facebook search bar’s recent searches drop-down list after you delete the names from here.

Delete Facebook Search history from your mobile device:
1. Open the Facebook app on your mobile device.
2. Now tap the section with three horizontal lines.
3. Go down till you see the Activity Log on the list. Tap it.
4. Tap Filter on the Activity Log display.
5. Scroll down the list and look for Search then Tap Search.
6. Now, your Facebook Search history will be shown before you
7. To remove a search, tap the cross icon for the search. Then, tap Remove.
8. To delete your Facebook Search history in a single go, tap Clear Searches on the top. Tap confirm on the next display.

I hope this has helped you clear your Facebook search history, please share this with your contacts.
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Cannot Log In Instagram

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Cannot Log In Instagram: We now live in a world where social media is the number one online journal for everybody to acquire various online information and at the same time get to enjoy every of it’s other benefits. Instagram is not left out in this, it also plays a major role in the collection of information for its users, and over the years Instagram has come to be a vital device in the everyday life of millions of people in every continent of the world 

As soon as you register yourself as an Instagram user, you start enjoying the various delighting benefits of Instagram but in order to continuously enjoy these, you have to continuously visit the Instagram site and then login into the account you created using the steps below;

-depending on the device you intend to use to login into Instagram, you may either use the mobile app, window app or internet browser on mobile of PC

If you are using the internet browser, 
  • visit the Instagram website via https://www,instagram.com/
  • -you will be presented with the login display page where you will be required to insert your username and password, you just do exactly that
  • -Finally, click go to start login
You may be experiencing some difficulties in logging into your Instagram account even after following the above steps, don’t panic, here are some of the reason why you couldn’t login into your Instagram account

Forgot Instagram Password
we definitely don’t have the most retentive memory or the memory of a Dory, so it is actually possible we forget our Instagram login password. If you think that is exactly what has happened, don’t worry, you can recover your lost password in no time by following the steps below;
  • -on the Instagram login page, select “forget password” just below the password input section
  • -then you will be required to insert your email address which is exactly the one you used to create your account
Now a reset code will be sent to the mail, which can ony be accessed from the mail, so just visit the your email to follow the link to reset your Password to a fresh new one

The email address of Instagram or the user is incorrect
it could also be that your email address you provided while trying to login is incorrect, here are the things to do when this is what has happened;
  • -first recheck the email you provided and be certain it is correct, it may be as a result of mistyping or inputting multiple letters mistakenly.
  • -it could also be that you have multiple email account but you input the wrong one you used for Instagram, so you can think of the exact email you used and insert it correctly.
The Instagram account has been shut down
if it’s not any of the above solutions then, it may be that your account no longer exist, maybe it has being shut down or deactivated. You can as well create a new similar account immediately.
And that’s all, I hope this article was helpful, kindly share this article with your colleagues.
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Cancel Friend Request on Facebook

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Cancel Friend Request on Facebook: Do you intend to reject a friend request someone just sent you on Facebook? This is now possible on a latest Facebook released recently, you can cancel the request message you don’t wish to accept. 

Not to consider the reason you wish to cancel out a friend request on Facebook, it might be because your relationship with the individual that sent the request is sour or because you are sure you don’t know the person from anywhere. For whichever reason it may be, here is how you can cancel a friend request on Facebook.
  • · First, login to your Facebook account via the Facebook web
  • after signing in, search out the Facebook user you want to recall your request
  • · Go to the individual’s profile and find your way to the bottom of the page
  • · From here click the link that states “Report/Block”
  • · Then Facebook will reveal a pop-up menu which allows you to block the person’s account, just check the box in front of “block this person” and then send
  • · The request will be processed by Facebook and then sent back a confirmation message to you that the individual has being blocked from your Facebook account
Since you already change the status between your account and the individual’s account, the request sent won’t be delivered or won’t be attended to by Facebook even if the person later accept it, your name won’t be added to his/her friend’s list and so is his on yours.

This method is the most effective step to take when you wish to cancel out a friend request as quickly as possible so the individual you sent the request won’t be able to assess it. Note that if you wish to become friends with the person later on in future, you can simply unblock the person

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I hope this article was helpful? In order to let everyone on your friend’s list know about this method, kindly share this article to them.
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Deleting Facebook Search History on Desktop

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Deleting Facebook Search History on Desktop: Facebook has been used by several users since a very long time ago and users that has created account on Facebook will notice that each time they try to search for anything on Facebook, they will get the suggestion of previous searches automatically. So if you’ve once searched for your crush’s name and you don’t want your friends to notice this, it is time to delete your Facebook Search history. 

Steps to Delete Facebook Search history
Do it on the desktop: From your desktop PC Follow the following steps to delete Facebook Search history
  • Once you login to Facebook, from your FB profile, Click on the Facebook Search bar.

  • Click on the Edit option in the top-right corner of the Facebook Search bar.
  • Alternatively, you can go to your timeline page and click View Activity Log. Then click More (below Comments) and choose Search from the list.
  • Once you’re on the search history page, you can delete individual search queries.
  • To delete a search, click the edit button next to lock image to the side of the search term. Click Delete.
  • A delete confirmation dialog box will appear. Click Remove Search.

  • To delete all the searches at once, look for Clear Searches option on the top of the page.
Note: Once deleted, you won’t be able to get back your search history. 
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Deleting the all your entire search history at ones, from the activity log or from everywhere else they appear will also erase the Facebook search bar’s recent searches drop-down list after you delete the names from here. 

Delete Facebook Search history from your smartphone: If you are accessing Facebook from the mobile application, follow these steps
  • On your phone, open the Facebook app.
  • Now swipe and go to the section with three horizontal lines.
  • Scroll down till you find the Activity Log on the list. Tap Activity Log.
  • Tap Filter on the Activity Log screen.
  • Scroll down the list and look for Search. Tap Search.
  • Now, your Facebook Search history will be displayed in front of you.
  • To remove a search, tap the cross button for the search. Then, tap Remove.
  • To delete all your Facebook Search history at a single click, tap Clear Searches on the top. Tap confirm on the next screen.
I hope you were able to delete all your FB search history with the steps in this guide, kindly help us share this article.
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Prevent Public from Seeing your Friend's List

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Prevent Public from seeing your Friend's List: Facebook has recently upgraded its privacy policy which now make it possible for its users to hide their Facebook information from the general public or at least control those that are viewing them, this is believed to strengthen Facebook community as well as individual Facebook user’s privacy. 
Fortunately, one of the features that can be hidden is the friend’s list, a Facebook user can now hide his/her friend’s list from the general public view or conceal it from those that are not their Facebook friend who may intend to steal a friend from their list without adding them. 
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So, if you are actually looking for a way to hide your Facebook friend’s list from others, here is how it is done;
  • Visit your Facebook profile 
  • Look for the friends tab, then click on the pencil-like icon in front  
  • From the pop-up menu, uncheck the box that quotes “show friend list to everyone”

Now your Facebook Friend’s list is hidden to those that are not your friend on Facebook, you can still hide this from some numbers of friends by registering the exact number of friend you wish to show your Facebook friend’s list.

To manage what other Facebook users sees on your Profile, you can visit your privacy settings at the general settings tab, there you will see different options of what you can actually hide on your profile.

I hope this article was a lot helpful to hide your Facebook friend’s list from Facebook kleptomanias, you can kindly share this with some of your friends so they can learn how to hide their Facebook friend’s list
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Check Out your Facebook Profile as Public

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Check Out your Facebook Profile as Public: The top ways to view your Facebook Timeline Profile as a public user in order to monitor users who see exactly what and what on your Facebook profile.


In conjunction with the upgrade of Facebook Timeline, Facebook has offered users the ability to release ‘public’ status update.

Without doubt, this function is a nice addition but, you might wish to have the ability to be able to keep track which of your posts on Facebook have been published publicly to ensure that you’ve not revealed certain information to the general public that you initially did not envisage.

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Interestingly, Facebook in their generosity has provided a simple method to view your Facebook profile as a public user.

Below are steps to take in order to view your Facebook Profile as a Public User;

1. Navigate to your Facebook Profile page.
2. Click the ‘Icon’ beside the Activity Log Link.
3. Click ‘View As…’.
4. The next step is to have a look at the area above your Timeline profile. Click the highlighted word ‘public.’
5. With this, you will now be able to view your whole Facebook Profile as a public user. These includes; status updates, photos, likes etc.
6. Another option, is to type in a friend’s name into the available text box and view your profile the way your profile will appear to that friend.
7. If you notice a large number of your posts are been shown to the general public, you can follow my tutorial on how to restrict view of your posts to certain sets of users.

I hope this article was helpful?
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Auto-Schedule A Facebook Post | Automatic Facebook Status Post

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Auto-Schedule A Facebook Post | Automatic Facebook Status Post: Whatever kind of page you're running, an energetic stream of web content could assist keep your viewers engaged. To prevent needing to regularly release new posts, timetable posts beforehand! You can do this with Facebook's integrated attributes when you're uploading as a group, yet with third-party applications, it's feasible to schedule personal account posts also.

If you are Facebook page owner and you are faced with challenge of having to come online and post various images, videos or articles on hourly or daily basis so you could keep your viewers entertained, then I have a good news for you. You can now schedule your Facebook post by linking your Facebook page or even account to a stream of web content which helps to post different things at specific time intervals. This prevent constant releases of posts as well as constant login to your Facebook account.
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This can be done using the Facebook’s integrated attributes which is highlighted below using desktop browsers;
  • · Login into your Facebook account using an internet browser on your PC
  • · Then go to the page you want to schedule posts for by clicking the arrow pointing down at the top of the screen, then select “pages” and then the exert page you are looking for
  • · On the page, click on “what’s on your mind” to create a new post but don’t fill in anything into the box yet but you can insert a video clip or photo into the box before scheduling it
  • · Now tap the arrow pointing downward beside post and then from the drop down menu select “schedule”
  • · Then you select a specific date or time for the post to automatically upload, click the small calendar icon to do this
  • · Finally, click on the “Schedule” tab, the post will be posted automatically on the exert date and time you’ve set.
To confirm if truly you have scheduled a post, check your timeline, you will see “I Scheduled Post” which you can quickly make any change from there whenever you feel like there is something wrong, you can also publish or deleted at any time. Note that you can schedule your post for at least 10mins and as long as up to 6months.

I hope this article was helpful to schedule your post till your specified time? Kindly share this with all your contact so they can also learn how to schedule a post on Facebook.
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Keep Facebook's Friends List Private | Hide FB Friend's List

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Keep Facebook's Friends List Private | Hide FB Friend's List: A number of features are available on Facebook, one of which is the control over who sees exactly what on our Facebook accounts. Facebook provides users with personal privacy and security settings so that users can have a safe and smooth experience. 


Some users might wish to hide their friends list so that it can only be viewable by them. Users have various features to hide their information. The following steps below are to be followed if you wish to hide your friends list from the general public.

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1. Firstly, navigate to your Facebook profile. You can do this by clicking your name on the top middle of the Facebook homepage.
2. Next, you will see a row of tabs listed below your cover image. Among this is a label 'friends' click this label.
3. Right above the ‘Friends’ label, a pen-like icon is visible, click it, you will see a label with the words 'Edit privacy' appear in a little window, click this label.
4. Next, a new window will appear that reveals settings for ‘Edit privacy’. Two options are visible here, the ‘Friend list' and ‘Who can see your friend list’. Move mouse pointer over the second option.
5. To the right side of that area, you will see a label that states either ' Public' or 'Friends’ or ‘Only Me’. Click that label, and a list will appear below. Select the option that states 'Only Me' to make sure that your friends list is viewable by only you.
6. Next, click the label 'done.' This is a white button at the bottom corner of the window.

After a few seconds, the new options chosen will be saved and effected. Now, just you will be able to view your friends list. You can return and alter this alternative at any time and as frequently as you like.
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Cancel My Facebook Account Forever

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Cancel My Facebook Account Forever: Facebook though is a platform to connect with people, it can also be a platform where disturbance in terms of harassment with irrelevant post is done and if you think deleting your Facebook account is the only solution, and then you have chosen the right article 

Enough of the endless extraneous Facebook post, countless friends requests from unknown individuals and intrusion of privacy by unwanted friends. Here is the basic steps to follow in order to delete your account

You can choose to deactivate the account or totally remove it, when an account is deactivated, you can still reactivate it by logging in but if totally removed, then you cannot retrieve it again.

  • Login to the account
  • Select the option menu button or down arrow
  • Select setup
  • Select general settings
  • Select security
  • Select deactivate my account
And it's done. Remember if you want to access this same account, you have to go through the normal login again using your email or phone number and password, your friends, posts and messages will be restored.

  • Login to the account
  • Select the option menu button or down arrow
  • Select setup
  • Select general account settings
  • Click on delete account,
  • A message of confirmation will show, select yes and it’s done
Do not try to login into this account for nothing less than 90 days, if you do, Facebook will automatically restore your account because they naturally don't want you to go. You can now live your life without bothering on who's checking your profile or what has being posted on Facebook.

I hoped this article has helped you delete your Facebook account or deactivate it. Remember to quickly login again in case you have a change of mind.

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Intrude a Private Instagram Account | Instagram Private Account View

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Intrude a Private Instagram Account | Instagram Private Account View: So, you discovered you’ve totally fallen in love with a person or you have an infatuation for a friend who resides in your area. Well in this era, social networks has got you covered as everyone enjoys to upload their photos online so if you have their social accounts, it’s a great place to check them out fully, you never can tell, probably you’ve haven’t seen them at their perfect best yet. 

Instagram has actually become the most famous social media platform for pictures and images related talks, But after going through all those stress to get their social media details, you now find out you cannot view your girlfriend’s pictures, I can’t imagine how annoyed you would feel. She might have enabled privacy on her account to ensure that other people cannot check out her profile and specific images unless she permits it. Before we start today’s discussion, I would like to inform you that there are 2 types of accounts in Instagram. One is for public and the other one is for private use. Public accounts permits everybody to follow you and see your uploads. So, it is pretty very easy to discover a person and simply follow him/her to get the pictures or the activities. However, in private accounts, there are a couple of restriction settings that permits only authorized individuals to see your profile. Private accounts can only be checked out if the individual follows a certain participant. Fortunately, a very good approach to look at Private Instagram accounts has been discovered and that is what we will discuss in today’s article.
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How to Check out a Private Instagram Profile

If you wish to check out private Instagram accounts, listed below are the means with which you can check out private Instagram profiles account.

Ask the person directly

The easiest way to follow an Instagram Private account is to personally ask the owner. Follow these steps to reach out the individual.
  • If you wish to follow somebody or have the desire to see the private images of someone, the very best way is to send a follower request. This will certainly inform the individual that the sender intends to send a message or wants to chat up.
  • You can additionally send a private message to the individual together with the follow request. Make certain, your profile is decent and excellent so the individual finds no chances to deny your demand.
  • Be genuine and real to ensure that the person really has a good impression about you, first impression they say lasts longer.
Sign Up a fake ID
An alternative approach if you intend to view people with private Instagram profile is to create a fake account. Though it antagonizes the principles of good manners but it can be a way. Follow these actions
  • Create a fake Instagram account, probably with a girl's picture. Why choose the female gender? This is the easiest way to access a female account, most private accounts are those of females, so creating a profile as a guy might limit your chance
  • Attempt to make the account real by uploading genuine pictures of a woman accompanied by women’s area of interest.
  • You can also make the account private to ensure that the target really feels curious to accept your request. Aim to be a gentle person by sending out a prompt demand.
  • When you are finished with all the setups and fundamental uploads, kindly send the follow request
Try Instagram account viewer devices

The last option to see private Instagram accounts/ images without following the person in question is to try Instagram account viewer tools. The best internet Instagram profile viewer apps are:
  1. http://privateinstagramviewer.onlinehacktools.xyz/
  2. http://viewprivateprofiles.net/
  3. https://www.instaspy.net/
  • When you go to the site, you'll be asked to input your Instagram username. Then, pick whether you wish to download the pictures or simply view it.
  • These websites can never be downloaded and installed. Each time you wish to view a private account, you will be required to go online through your internet browser to view photos of Instagram.
The choice between these options solely depends on you, but all are tools that will certainly reveal private Instagram accounts. I hope this article was helpful?
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How to Get Rid Of Facebook Account

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How to Get Rid Of Facebook Account: Facebook is an extremely important platform to stay connected with friends that are far and near but it can sometime frustrate people with its regular notifications, ads and even irrelevant posts, with time, it eats deep into you and you feel like letting go completely 

When this type of feelings start crawling into your mind, you may decide to just take a break from Facebook rather than letting go completely, to take a break, you can temporary deactivate your account till you are ready to use it again. You can as well totally forget about Facebook and totally delete your account without looking back.
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So if your final decision is to totally delete your Facebook account, it is advised to download your Facebook info into your device, such info will contain pictures, videos, messages and posts which makes up your Facebook profile. This should be done because after completely deleting your account, Facebook will as well delete everything contained in your profile ant it won’t be regained. In order to do this, just follow the steps below;

  1. Go to your Facebook account
  2. Then to settings
  3. Then to General settings
  4. Select “Download a copy of my Facebook information”
  5. Then finally, select beginning my archiveYou will be asked to input your password, after the info will start downloading into your device.
  6. Now that you’ve downloaded your Facebook info, you are ready to delete your account, follow the steps below;
  7. Visit the facebook removal site via https://facebook.com/help/delete_account 
  8. Then click on “delete my Facebook account” 
  9. You will as well be required to input your Facebook password to complete the process Now it is done, friends will no longer see you on Facebook even if they search your name directly. It is important to know that it might take up to 90days for Facebook to completely erase all your data, so kindly stay away from anything Facebook during these periods to avoid restoring your account
I hope you understood what you just read, you can kindly share this article with your friends so they can as well make their decision to either delete or deactivate their account when they get tire of it.

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