Wednesday, 13 June 2018

How to Suspend a Facebook Account

How to Suspend a Facebook Account: Facebook is one of the most active, friend making and fun catching website. Over the years, it has turned out to be one of the best if not the best social network platform. But as amazing as Facebook fun gets, all can be erased within the twinkle of an eye when your account is suspended. A user account can be suspended due to several things. 

Why is a Facebook account Suspended
Facebook account can be suspended due to the following:
  • When your Facebook account is suspended, it can be as a result of bridging some of Facebook’s guidelines and policy through your activities on Facebook
  • A Facebook account can also be suspended when a user reports you simply because he finds some of your posts, pictures or remarks abusive and it is indeed found abusive by Facebook’s review team.
  • Your Facebook account can also be suspended when it is discovered to be attached to a phishing site or used to spam other users’ account
Important: Check out Facebook’s Privacy policy
How to Recover a Suspended Facebook account
When you find out that your account has been suspended, send out an email to disabled@facebook.com in order to reactivate your Facebook account. Once approved, this process might take 5 days or more to get your account back.

I hope your Facebook account is reactivated for you to continue the fun!


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