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How to save video on Instagram

How to save video on Instagram:Instagram is a social media platform which supports uploads of short video clips for it users to entertain each other, advertise product and/or pass information to other users. These video clips can be of any quality, high or low and it can also be GIFs i.e. animated images. Upload of video clips on Instagram has increased exponentially over the years with thousands of video now being uploaded on a daily basis. 

Instagram users are only opportune to view the videos uploaded on Instagram, they are not allow to download it into their device, but with time developers has brought about various ways to download your desired video from Instagram. Such ways are discussed below;

Use of apps

One of the magnificent app developed by programmers is the “InstaSave” which made it possible to save photos and videos from Instagram without much stress. All you have to do is download and install the app from the mobile store, launch it, then copy the link of the video clip you want to download and then paste it into the space provided within the app, simply click download to start downloading the video. 

Use of web browser

Some web browsers has specific features which enables themdownload videos from the internet with ease including videos uploaded on Instagram. One of such browsers is the W3Toys and SaveDeo which works perfectly for Instagram video clips. In order to achieve this, copy the link of the video you want to download into your device, then paste it into the URL box of the W3Toys browser and click go, this action will definitely download the video into your device.

Manual downloading

You can as well download Instagram short video clips manually from Instagram, this method can only be used on PC. So login to your Instagram account on a PC, click the video you wish to download and then right-click on it, go to “view page source”, then search for the mp4 format of the video in the search box by pressing ctrl+F. copy the link of the mp4 file and paste it into another page, then as soon as it start playing, pause the video and save it directly to your PC.
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With the above methods, you can now download your favourite video clip into your device so as not to keep visiting your Instagram page to view it. Kindly share this article with your contact so they can learn how to download video on Instagram.


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