Wednesday, 13 June 2018

How to Make Event Private on Facebook | Easily Create Private Events on Facebook

How to Make Event Private on Facebook | Easily Create Private Events on Facebook: A user recently sent a remark to us at Necovilla.blogspot.com that he needs to create an event on Facebook to invite several friends but wishes to limit the event notification’s access to certain friends on his list. We felt this is worth posting as numerous users over the world will likely need to create a private event at one point or the other. 
How to Make Event Private on Facebook

If you know your way around an area, you are certain to enjoy the location more than a stranger, with a little trick, your Facebook account can turn out to be the perfect place to start your event’s invitation and privately at that. Facebook provides an easy way to create private events, and make the coordination, discussion and reminder super easy prior to the event and after the event. The best part is you can include friends even though they are not on your friends’ list on Facebook in as much as you have their cellphone number or their Facebook e-mail address. 

Once you create the event and add users, to make it a personal event you can simply disable the "members can add friends" option, with this, your event will become totally invisible unless somebody wants to take a screenshot to share it.

Note: You can also create public events on Facebook where individuals could see the events and easily invite friends to join

I hope your event doesn’t go out of the permitted cycle of friends. Have fun during your event and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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