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How to login to Facebook via desktop view on mobile devices

How to login to Facebook via desktop view on mobile devices: By default, mobile devices load the mobile version of sites including Facebook, twitter, Instagram and lots more. The mobile view is only capable of loading limited features and restrict the use of certain features which can be accessed via the desktop view of the same site. In order to enjoy Facebook with maximum utilization of all its features, it is important to load Facebook via a desktop view. If you are confused on how this is done, then this article is just for you, below are the steps involved in logging in to Facebook via the desktop view on mobile device;

  • Visit your facebook account through a web browser on your mobile device
  • Then enter http://www.facebook.com/home.php into the URL box
  • After clicking the go button, then the desktop view of your Facebook page will be loaded into the browser.
By following the three steps, you can successfully surf your Facebook via a desktop view but some web browser have being specially designed to switch between the desktop view and the mobile view. One of such web browser is the Google Chrome browser which has a switch tab to select the type of view the user desires. Below are the steps involve to load your Facebook via desktop view on a Google Chrome browser;

  • Make sure you have a Google chrome browser on your mobile device, if you don’t, visit your device store to download and install the app
  • Launch the browser
  • Visit the Facebook site http://facebook.com/
  • Tap “menu” which is at the lower right corner of the browser page denoted with three horizontal dots
  • From the pop-up menu, check the box in front of “Desktop site”
  • Finally, reload the Facebook page to show the desktop view of the Facebook homepage and simply login into your account
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Note that since you have activated the desktop view of the browser, all the site that will be visited via the browser will load in desktop view, you can deactivate this by simply unchecking the desktop view.

It is no more necessary to visit a café or use a PC before you can use your desired Facebook desktop view, you can now surf your Facebook page and enjoy all Facebook features via the desktop view on your mobile device. You can as well share this article to all your contacts so they also can learn how this is done.


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