Saturday, 30 June 2018

How to Disable Notifications from Facebook on iPhone

How to Disable Notifications from Facebook on iPhone: If you use your Facebook account to promote your business either a small business or large scale businesses and at the same time you use it to get in touch with friends and family members, the Notifications presented on your iPhone every single time someone posts a comment, sends you a message, pokes you or wishes to talk or sends you a friend request, this notification alerts can be frustrating. But luckily, you could disable Notifications related to Facebook or readjust how you receive the Notifications on your device through the Notifications display of the apple iPhone's Settings application. 

How to Disable Notifications from Facebook

Follow these steps to easily disable Facebook notifications
  • Locate and tap on "Settings" on the apple iPhone.
  • Click "Notifications".
  • Tap "Facebook".
  • Touch the "On/Off" toggle next to Notification Center until "Off" appears to disable all Facebook Notifications from the Notification toggle option.
  • Tap "None" in the Alert Style area.
  • Touch the "On/Off" toggle next to Badge Application Icon till "Off" appears to stop a red circle from appearing behind-the-scenes of the Facebook application indicating the number of Notifications you have not checked out.
  • Touch the "On/Off" toggle to the right of Seems up until "Off" shows up to disable a sound from playing when you have a brand-new Facebook Notification.
  • Touch the "On/Off" toggle to the right of Sight in Lock Screen until "Off" appears to avoid any type of Notifications from being presented while the apple iPhone is secured. 
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With this, you have successfully disabled Facebook notification.


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