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Hide Facebook Photos 2018 | How to Hide Facebook Photos

Hide Facebook Photos 2018 | How to Hide Facebook Photos: Facebook is a large network that consists of various individuals and since personal privacy is utmost crucial for everybody in social network platforms today, certain information are required to be protected from public views particularly with photos, no user wants his/her photo to be available to the entire public. 

On Facebook especially, with millions of participants signed up, it becomes even more essential to take appropriate measures to protect our privacy. In today's article, we'll find out how to protect personal files (photos and album) precisely. 
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Hide Facebook Photos 2018 | How to Hide Facebook Photos
  1. Navigate to Facebook and login to your account
  2. Go to your profile or timeline.
  3. Click on Photos located below your cover image.
  4. Near the album name of photos, click on the down arrow button to reveal the privacy levels available to Images I.e. Pubic, friends, just me, custom etc.
  5. If your choice is 'public', the photos in the album will be visible to all Facebook participants.
  6. If you choose 'Friends', the photos will only be noticeable to your friends and nobody else.
  7. For those that picked 'only me', the pictures will show up only to yourself.
  8. And in 'custom' you have the privilege to single-handedly define individuals who will have access to the album.
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