Saturday, 30 June 2018

Connecting Instagram account from Facebook Page | Connect Facebook Page To Instagram

Connecting Instagram account from Facebook Page | Connect Facebook Page To Instagram: We’ve talked about connecting Instagram to Facebook through Instagram in our previous article, if you miss it, read How to Link your Instagram account with your Facebook account. But we kept on receiving messages from users inquiring if it is possible otherwise to link Facebook to Instagram but from your Facebook account. Well that is possible and that is what we will discuss in today’s guide. When Facebook bought Instagram for some bucks (Bucks here = Billions of dollars) users already realized they must be up to something big. 
Personally, I believe there were two factors for buying this special network.
  1. Instagram is about sharing images and back then Facebook was also extra concentrated on picture sharing.
  2. Nice move to get even more data for mobile advertisements:.
Enough of my personal views before I bore you out of our main article, well follow the guide below to directly link Facebook and Instagram accounts directly from your Facebook account settings.

Ensure you are logged into your Facebook account and navigate directly to settings. Then to the leading right edge of your Facebook Page, scroll to "Instagram ads" from the left menu.
  • Click "Add an account" button.
  • After that simply fill out your Instagram account information and you are done.
So with these you have linked both of these social networks together. I hope this article was helpful.


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