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Apps that can determine those that unfollow you on Instagram

Apps that can determine those that unfollow you on Instagram:After following up the numbers of your followers on Instagram till it reaches the brim of a breaking point, then suddenly you noticed there was a setback, the number which has grown pass a point has now gone way down below the point, these means some of your Instagram followers has unfollowed you. Though every Instagram user is free to follow and unfollow anyone he/she wants, but when one is losing lots of followers, there must be a reason for this action which should be investigated.

Finding out the reason(s) why some of your followers unfollowed you cannot be achieved unless you first have the knowledge of those that unfollowed you. But Instagram does not add any feature to its platform which notify you the person who unfollows you and at what point you were being unfollowed, they only do otherwise, i.e. notifies when someone follows you.

Various third party applications have being developed to uncover those that unfollowed you on Instagram, these apps not only show the username of those that unfollow you, it also notifies you as soon as it is done, it also shows you the list of those you are following but are not following you back. These apps are totally free to get, no amount is attached to its download on various app stores, so you can get access to them anytime you want.

Below is the link to download and install Unfollowers apps which detect those that unfollow you on Instagram as soon as it is done

Some other apps include;
Followers social analytics for Instagram: by using this app, you are giving the privileged to access other users profile and also you can switch account with the app. Click here to download and install the followers social analytics app on your iPhone or iPad

Follow free or InstaFollow: this is another app that works perfectly when trying to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram, it notifies you as soon as it occurs and would also tell you when a user follows you back. Click here to download and install the InstaFollow App for free on your iPhone and iPad. 
Now that you have seen those that unfollowed you, you can either unfollow them too or kindly request the reason for their action using the direct messaging platform on Instagram.
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