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How Do You Block Pictures on Facebook

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How Do You Block Pictures on Facebook: You may have added some business contractors to your Facebook friends which a cool way to engage them which the business at hand, but there are some other businesses which you may not want them to be involved and it requires you to upload some pictures on your Facebook page, now you know they (business contractors) must not view this set of pictures, so how can you go about this? It is very simple, all you have to do is block those contractors from viewing these pictures. Facebook has made it possible to configure your privacy settings to suit what you want it to be, you can now hide anything on your profile including pictures and posts from the general public or certain set of people. 

So if you looking for a way to block your pictures from public view, below are the steps to take to get it done;
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Click your name to open your profile on Facebook
  • Go to Photo to display your Facebook picture albums
  • select the gear-like icon just below the album containing the picture you wish to block
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Custom”
  • Click the arrow pointing downwards in front of “these people”
  • Then select those you wish to access your pictures from your friend’s list
  • Save changes by clicking save
You can as well block people from viewing your profile photo using the steps below;

  • Select “photos” from your profile
  • Open the profile photo album
  • Choose the set of profile photo you don’t want people to view
  • Select the view selector tool at the bottom of the pictures
  • Then click custom
  • Click “these individual”
  • Now select from your friend’s list only those you want them to view your profile picture
  • Then select the people you wish to hide your photo from in “Hide this from”
  • Click “save” to save changes
  • Repeat the steps for each photo you wish to block from general public
Note that your cover picture can be viewed by the general public by default, this cannot be hidden in anyway
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I hope you have learnt how to block pictures on Facebook, share this with your pals so they can learn from it.
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How Can I Change My Birthday on Facebook

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How Can I Change My Birthday on Facebook: During the process of creating an account on Facebook, you were required to type in your birthday details which include your exact day of birth, month of birth and year of birth as well. You can decide to show all your birthday details to the general public or only your friends, you can as well hide the year and only show the day and month, your decision can also be to hide everything from everybody, in this case, only you can see your birthday on Facebook. 

Maybe while filling in your birthday details on Facebook, you mistakenly filled in the wrong details and you got to know later when you are done creating an account, now you intend to change it to the original one so it won’t confuse your friends on Facebook, below are the steps to take in order to fulfil your mission;
  • Visit your Facebook page using the app preferably, you can as well use Facebook web  Click on your profile picture to go to your profile
  • From your profile, click “about” from the options under your cover picture
  • Then from the pop-up menu, select “contact and basic info”
  • Form the next page, find your down till you find the basic information, there you will find birth date, click “edit” just in front of it.
  • Then you will surely see the birth date you filled in while creating your account, here you can change it to whichever date you want
  • Then finally, click “save” to make the changes on your profile.
Now, you have successfully changed your birth date to the original date, note that changing your birth date almost often may lead to friends not believing you, you just be real and leave the real date so everyone including Facebook can wish you a happy birthday on your birthday.

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Kindly help to share this article with your friends so they can change their birth date to the real one.
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How to Upload Facebook Video Links

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How to Upload Facebook Video Links: Facebook as we all know is a social media site which allows users to post whatever is on their mind which may be in text form or photos or even video clips formats. The latter is what I will be discussing today, so if you don’t know Facebook video post techniques, you will find out how it’s done with few steps.

Nowadays, Facebook video has become an effective tool for advertising various product to customers online at the comfort of business owners. You can also share different DIY video for educational purpose, event videos and comedy skit can also be shared to entertain people.
Just like uploading a video, you can also post a picture with video link to another website or post a YouTube video link. So when Facebook users click on it, they will be redirected to the website or YouTube to watch the video.
For Facebook Video upload
  • Go to your Facebook page
  • Click on Upload Photo or Video just below the box that says “what’s on your mind”
  • It will redirect you to your photo and video gallery
  • Select the video you want to share
  • You can do some editing by trimming the video Click post to start uploading the video
For Photo Links
  • You may screenshot a scene from the video or download the photo cover (for movies) into your gallery,
  • now go to your Facebook page, click on upload photo and then select the screenshot or the downloaded photo
  • go to the website the video is located and copy the video link
  • paste the link in the photo caption and add some other interesting note if you want then post the picture
you can also connect the website directly to your Facebook account, then you click “Share” on the website or the Facebook link depending on how it is programmed. The video link will be posted to your Facebook account in form of a photo. 
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For YouTube link
This can be done using the photo link procedures, just visit the YouTube site and share your Favourite video directly to Facebook. 

I hope you got the steps taken to upload video on Facebook using various methods, kindly share with friends so they also can share their favourite video with their Facebook friends.
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How Do I Logout Of My Facebook Account

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How Do I Logout Of My Facebook Account: There are times when you are stranded in an environment without a network for your network operator, or your device is totally down and you need to check out something on Facebook, the first thing that comes to mind is to borrow a friend's device and access your Facebook account from his or her device. 

Learn: How to Create new Facebook account
The big deal now comes when you are through with your account and need to logout from such device, well this may seem unnecessary to some people but there are people who have sensitive information in their account and cannot risk leaving their account active in someone else's device. To easily log out of your Facebook account, follow the steps below:
  • From your Facebook account page, click on the three horizontal lines in the leading top right corner of the page to reveal the pop up menu, in which you can then scroll down to the end.
  • From the list of options, click on the ‘account’ button.
  • This will give you additional options to choose from, these are related to your account and from the list of options, locate and click on log out to easily log out of your Facebook account
I hope you are relieved you were able to logout your account without stress. Kindly share this article with your friends.

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Instagram for Laptop Windows 8

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Instagram for Laptop Windows 8: Instagram is the go to social media platform when your priority is set to picture upload and video sharing. This amazing social media platform is made available for mobile users and not suitable for use from computer systems, but we all know how convenient it is browsing the internet from your PC, so with this little help you can easily download and use Instagram on your windows PC
Instagram basically works on users following each other and ones you follow a particular user, then you can check their posts, remarks and pictures and enjoy your time in the platform. so to use Instagram know your PC follow the steps listed below

Note: This method relates to both Window's computer and Mac. 
Discover: How to Install Instagram on your Mobile Phone

Instagram For Laptop Windows 8

Installing Instagram to Your COMPUTER
  • To easily run Instagram on your device, I would recommend an application, Bluestacks. This application enables a PC to run android applications easily and can be downloaded easily from their website.
  • After downloading and installing BlueStack on your computer system, launch the program.
  • The open Up the Google Play Store, and search for the Instagram application, and also install it. Open the Instagram application and link it to your profile:
  • After launching the Instagram application from bluestacks, you need to link in your account and start uploading pictures,
  • To upload pictures you can take fresh Images with your web can or use the pictures you have saved on your PC. And click upload. Additionally, you also have the choice to add filters to your images as it is in mobile Instagram.
Now you can access Instagram directly and with ease on your PC, I hope you enjoy the new view afforded you by the large screen of your computer system.

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Post Pics to Instagram From Computer

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Post Pics to Instagram From Computer: Instagram's full feature has now rolled in to Windows PCs and laptop computers as opposed the previous mobile device only approach, with this new development I think it is ideal to create a guide on how to Post Pics To Instagram From Computer. 

Instagram has quick come to be the go-to site for sharing photos online. In addition to Facebook, that is. With over 400 million energetic monthly users, and 75 million individuals browsing through each day, there are much more filter-enhanced creations than you can think of. Instagram was initially a phone application, and can be a bit tricky on a COMPUTER, so read this post to ease your picture and post upload on Instagram from your PC.

Post Pics To Instagram From Computer

How to make use of Instagram on Windows: The web interface

Navigating to the Instagram website and also logging into your account (or creating one) offers you access to the web version of the app. While you may anticipate this to allow you the same capacities as the mobile variation, one essential feature is missing - you can't post any type of photos.

When you're logged into your Instagram account, the web interface is developed to simply reveal your picture feed as it is on the mobile application itself. In the top right side of the page, you'll see 3 symbols. These symbols are for Search (locating new people to follow ), Notifications (who liked your pictures, who followed you etc), and Profile (all the pictures you've published). That's a simple introduction to the Instagram web interface. 
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Ways to post photos to Instagram from a COMPUTER: InstaPic

There are a variety of 3rd party applications that prolong Instagram's features on Windows. One that allows uploads is InstaPic, which can be downloaded from the Windows Store. To do this go down to the taskbar on your Windows desktop computer and click the shopping bag icon that has the Windows logo at the center. When the Store opens you'll just need to click the search bar in the upper right corner and enter InstaPic. Once you locate the application on the screen click the Free button to install it on your device and then click Open.

When you launch the application, you'll need to click the Register with Email button to create an account. With that done you link your Instagram account to this account and after that you can upload photos directly from the InstaPic application.

That's is how you can easily post your pictures on Instagram via this powerful application. Enjoy your experience with your followers!!!
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How to Join Facebook Group

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How to Join Facebook Group: A new dimension in how people use Facebook is the use of Facebook group, the Facebook group feature permits a set of FB users that shares common interest, goal or other likes to come together and interact. This group can be joined easily but that depends on the privacy nature of the group as Facebook groups are either public or private. Although I cannot tell which is private or public but I can only inform you about how you can check out certain information about the group and if it meets your interest and is open to join, you will be able to join easily with this guide.

How To Join Facebook Group
The easiest way to locate and Join a particular Facebook group is if you are aware of the name if the group, if this is the case, all you need to do is simply supply the name of the group in Facebook's search field and join if it is open.
  • Once you enter the name of the group simply Press Enter or Return and you will be given matches for your search with a range of details
  • After discovering the group, Prior to joining, it is ideal you click "View Group" to see if they're more info about the group .
  • If it looks promising and meets your expectations, Click "Join" and you're in! 
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Note: If your search is taking long and you are sure you supplied the correct details for the Facebook group you can limit the search to groups by switching the search results to groups as opposed the individual that is set as default for search results, simply check the leading top of the search results and toggle the selection from individuals or posts or any other option to group.
This will certainly help you in your quest for How to Join Facebook Group

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Find A Facebook Account by Email

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Find A Facebook Account by Email: With over millions of users active daily on Facebook and billions of Facebook accounts, it will be difficult to easily find Facebook friends especially with just the name of the individual because by merely searching for a Facebook user using his or her name, you will discover tonnes of other users that shares the same name. 
This gets even more complex when such user does not make use of any form of personal display picture, we then end up sending friends request to the wrong user. To avoid this, what one has to do is to try alternative methods to easily find Facebook users and one unique method you can try out is Facebook Search via email address. For those who do not know about Facebook search via e-mail. Read this guide to easily find Facebook friends with email address, at least no two users can have same email address linked to Facebook account.

Find A Facebook Account By Email

This methods goes as simple as A, B, C all you are required to do is paste the person's email in the Facebook search field, to do this follow these steps:
  • Launch Facebook.
  • Tap or click the Search box.
  • Type the e-mail address.
  • Then simply click on enter to reveal the search results.
  • Utilizing a Smart Device or Tablet.
  • From your device homepage, open Facebook. It's the blue icon with a white "F" on your home screen (iPhone/iPad) or in the app list (Android).
  • If you do not have actually Facebook installed on your gadget, you can download it for free from the App Store (iPhone/iPad) or Play Shop (Android)
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  • Once you launch the Facebook application, click Browse located at the top of the screen.
  • Type the email address. You'll have to type the full email as Facebook can not look for a partial e-mail address.
  • Then tap See results for your search. If the e-mail address belongs to somebody on Facebook, their profile will appear in the search results page.
  • You can search the result profile to confirm and send out friend request to include such user in your friends list. If the search returns no outcomes, it simply means the person actually used another email address for Facebook, or may have altered their privacy settings in such a way that they cannot be found via e-mail address.
Using a Computer.
  • Go to https://www.facebook.com in a web internet browser. If you're not currently logged in to your account, enter your login information and click Log In.
  • Click the "Search Facebook" box located at the top of the screen.
  • Type the email address and simply wait for the search results to load.

I hope this article was helpful?
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Identify who Blocked you on Instagram

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Identify who Blocked you on Instagram: Have you ever been in a situation where you really want to check the Instagram post of someone or a friend but due to some reasons you don’t know was not able to access the person’s profile on Instagram? this situation only occurs due to two different factors, it may be that the individual no longer has an account on Instagram i.e. he/she has blocked his/her Instagram account or the individual has blocked you from accessing his/her Instagram account. To single out the exact reason you could not access the account, you have to check if you have been blocked, but Instagram don’t have a feature which enable users to check those that blocked them officially, so how can this be done?

You can actually use two simply methods to determine if you’ve been blocked or not on Instagram.
The very first step involves you creating a fresh Instagram account with a different username and email address, then on the new Instagram page, go to the search tab and type in the username of the individual you wish to know if he/she has blocked you, if you find the individual’s account, then it means the person still has an account with Instagram and has not yet deactivated his/her account which invariably means you have being blocked from accessing the account.

The second method will definitely confirm by showing you in details who has blocked you, it involves the use of a third-party app named InstaFollow, below are the procedures to use InstaFollow acquire those that blocked you on Instagram;

Important: How to Detect and Unfollow Non Followers on IG

Follow this link to download InstaFollow for free on your android device


After downloading and installing the app into your device, launch the app and log in with your Instagram username and password

Then as soon as the page is finished loading, you will see the username of those that have actually blocked you, by clicking on the username, it will reveal their profile


I hope you were able to identify that individual that has blocked you from viewing their Instagram activities.
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Easily Clear all Facebook Activities from FB Log

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Easily Clear all Facebook Activities from FB Log: Facebook’s record of activity log is very helpful and serve as a safety and security measure for all Facebook account holders. So at any time, customer can choose to check their past activities like posts, pictures, remarks, comments etc. Users can as well handle their Activity log settings. 

Facebook’s activity log is available on monthly or daily basis as the user prefers to get them, so users can distinctly differentiate their activities from those of friends. Also for security concerns, in cases where users’ account get hacked, you can easily erase your activity log to cancel any security fear. In this article, we will discuss how to easily locate Facebook Activity logs through the Facebook app as well as remove old task log from Facebook iPhone, iPad running on the iOS operating system. 
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How to Locate/ Erase Old activity log from Facebook application
This section of the guide covers apple iPhone and iPad users 
  1. Easily navigate to the Facebook app and login with your Email or Mobile number and your FB Password.
  2. Once you are successfully logged in, click on the link that reveals more choice, from the list, you will be able to see all about your profile.
How to Clear Facebook Activity Log
Once you are able to access your profile details, it’s time to permanently erase old task log from Facebook’s apple iPhone app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  1. From your profile, click on settings and select the choice with task log alternative.
  2. This will reveal past FB activities on yearly, monthly or weekly basis.
  3. If you wish to check with monthly records, tap on the month that you want to look up and click on it. When you see this, you can then remove or unlike the activity or just hide it from your account.
Another amazing thing is that you can edit your past activity like unlike a previously liked message, delete a post from your timeline, cancel friend’s request or accept a previously received friend request. 
Hope you were able to delete your FB Log? Never leave confidential stuffs for hackers to prey on! Thank you for reading this article.

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How to Unblock Blocked Facebook Friends

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How to Unblock Blocked Facebook Friends: Facebook connects thousands of people which may be friends or frenemies, individual users have the options of selecting who becomes friends with them on Facebook and also who remains friends with them on Facebook.
The world as a whole changes, so as the world on Facebook, friends stab your back and become enemies leading to you blocking them on Facebook. However, over time, they may come back and apologize for their wrong doings and your friendship is once again reactivated leading to you wanting to revert your earlier decision of blocking them.

Steps to Unblock Blocked Facebook Friends

Now that they are your friend in reality, you can as well make them your friend again on Facebook by unblocking following the steps below;
  1. Click on the padlock-like icon on the top right corner of your Facebook home screen
  2. From the pop-up, select “How to stop someone bothering me”
  3. Then select to see all blocked users
  4. Search for the individual you intend to unblock
  5. Then click the “unblock” button in front of the individual’s name 
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Once you follow the steps above strictly, the individual has once again become your Facebook friend, you can now follow him/her up on their Facebook activities, you can view their profile and in turn, they can as well view yours.
Forgiveness they say is cool, I guess that was what prompted this article in the first place so go ahead with How to Unblock Blocked Facebook Friends. Share with others and save them from the sin of unforgiveness. I hope this article was quite helpful?

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Video Downloader for Instagram

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Video Downloader for Instagram: Downloading videos on Instagram has not been easy right from the moment these cool social media platform has been made available to users. We occasionally see amazing videos, funny clips and all that we wish we had on our device so that we can check them out at our leisure time to enjoy with our friends and loved ones, but we simply can’t find that download button to save the videos on our device. But in today’s article, we will show you how to easily download video and funny clips on Instagram directly to your phone.

To easily download Instagram videos, we will recommend an amazing app to easily download videos on Instagram.
  • First, you need to download the ‘Insta Downloader' application. This is the best app there is to easily download videos and images directly from Facebook, with this app, Just head to the application store of your device to download the app
  • Once you have gotten your app, let’s clarify the steps that will be required to download your clip. 

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Video Downloader for Instagram
We have 5 straightforward steps that will assist you in downloading photos and videos from Instagram
  1. Locate the Insta Downloader app on your device and launch it.
  2. Launch Instagram application also and locate the picture you would like to save.
  3. Click on the three vertical dots located top right of the Instagram video or photo.
  4. Then Click 'Copy Share URL' for the photo and also video clip which you wish to download and install.
  5. Once you copy this URL, go back to Insta Downloader application and paste the URL.
The download link will then appear which you can click to download and save the pictures or video clips directly to your device.
Some people don’t trust third party applications, so we will show you an alternative approach to download Instagram photo.
  • Launch the Instagram app and locate the picture or video clip you wish to save.
  • By the leading right corner of the video, you should see three dots. Clicking on these dots will reveal some options menu.
  • Scroll down this checklist of options and click on the "Copy share URL" link
  • Once you copy this URL, open your browser and navigate to the website http://en.savefrom.net/
  • When this web page loads, paste the LINK in the white box field available on the website.
Note: Once you click on the white box you will be shown options available for the field, from here, select paste and click enter
  • Wait for the video preview to load and from there you will get the option to download it.
  • Click on the download button and your download process will begin.
I hope this article actually helped you discover Video Downloader for Instagram

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Securely Login Facebook on any device

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Securely Login Facebook on any device: Facebook has been extended from conventional chat and keep in touch platform to a medium for promoting ones brand, representing ones interest among other recent uses of Facebook. So when you try to login to your Facebook account from a browsing cafe or from someone else's device be it smartphones or PC, you must be very careful not to leave your account signed in after use and also not revealing your login information. 

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Securely Login Facebook on any device

The simple logic to this secure login is not saving your username and password when prompt to do so on sign in Or FB login. Follow the steps listed below to securely login your Facebook account on any device:

  1. Initially, to login your Facebook account you will do so from the Facebook login in page
  2. So from your friend's device, navigate to facebook.com
  3. In the login fields provided supply your username and password then click on the login button
  4. This next step is important, if you access from a PC you will be asked if you want the browser to save your login information, simply choose the option "never", this restricts the web browser from saving your login information.
  5. If you are accessing your account from your friends smartphone via the Facebook mobile application, when asked to save login information to allow one time tap in, simply decline the request.
  6. If you allow the steps above, you will only end up leaving your Facebook account prone to spam and external use.
Important: Ensure you logout your account after use.

If you follow these guide strictly then your account is safe from any external device you used to access it. I hope this article builds your confidence in the platform's care for your confidentiality. Kindly share with friends.
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How to View Private Instagram pictures

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How to View Private Instagram pictures: Instagram has improved on its features and it's now regarded by many as an incredibly popular application that permits individuals to keep sharing their pictures. In this application, users can only see pictures that are not private which is an incredible feature to resist stalkers. This feature means that in personal privacy options, an individual can enable only permitted users to see the pictures that they share. However in today's article, we are right here with a method by which you can easily see private Instagram photos. Find this easy tricks listed below.

Several individual are using this attribute to ensure their images are well protected from the general public, however there's is an answer now to the question How to View Private Pictures On Instagram
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Actions To View Private Instagram pictures
  • To start with, you will need to uninstall the official Instagram from your device.
  • Search and download a different Instagram application called Instagram+.
  • This is the best app to look out private images and download any kind of Instagram pictures directly to your gadget.
  • After successful download, move the APK file that you have downloaded to your android device and Install the application.
  • After installation locate the application and launch it
  • All you need to do now is sign in and seek for any kind of private Instagram account.
  • Then click the profile image of that private account and wait for couple of seconds to get the full picture, this depends on your internet rate.
  • The result will proof to you that the profile photo is visible to you and similarly you could check out any type of other private pictures on Instagram.
I guess this guide on How to View Private Instagram pictures was helpful, if you face any challenge, kindly inform us using the remarks section below.
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Forgot My Instagram Email

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Forgot My Instagram Email: The modern day use of social media for business activities has led to users creating several social media accounts. Business Owners typically does not have the deluxe of only requiring a solitary e-mail address and no matter their capability to consolidate and remember those various addresses, complications may arise when it concerns which email address you made use of when creating a particular account with a particular on-line service or the other. 
Thankfully on Instagram, if you have forgotten which email address you associated with your account, you can easily find the address by logging into Instagram and taking a look at your account info.

Forgot My Instagram Email
Follow these steps to discover the email address you used to create your Instagram account.

Step 1: Sign right into your Instagram account utilizing your computer, not a mobile phone.

Step 2: Click your username in the upper right edge of the page, then click "Edit Account" from the menu that will show up below your cursor.

Step 3:
Locate the "Email" label, and look to the right of the text area. The e-mail address you are using for your Instagram account will be seen in the field beside it. 
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Unfortunately for most of us, we don't logout of browsing sessions on our social media applications which can lead to forgetting the address used for a particular social network

That's the short article to help you identify your associated email address. I hope you now know how to identify "Forgotten Instagram Email"? Share this with others and contact us in the comment section below if you face any challenge while strictly following these steps.
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How do I download my Facebook Live video

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How do I download my Facebook Live video: Various Facebook users wish to download a particular video or the other from Facebook solely for the purpose of reopening that video. for some factors, only known to Facebook developers, Facebook does not make it simple to find out ways to download FB videos so In today's article we will come to user's rescue with our step by step guide to saving Facebook videos 

How To Download Facebook Videos On Mac
  • Find the video in your profile or page feed
  • Once you have actually located the video, click on the video
  • Once you click on the video's play button icon, the video will pop up and you will see it along with the comments to the right of the video.
  • Now, Click on the 3 little dots in the upper right hand corner
  • You will need to click on the video and click the "Get video URL".
  • Click the Download Video Option
  • Click the download video choice and the choice to save the video will appear on your computer.
  • Select the path to save the Facebook Live video on your computer and hit save. 
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I guess that worked great right? An alternative method and the best method used by several individuals is the savefrom.net web option.

How to use Savefrom.net to Download Facebook Live Videos
Savefrom.net is an awesome website that enables you to download your Facebook Live videos by simply popping in the link to the video. Sound pretty straight forward right? They even have a Google Chrome extension that permits users to directly save video clips if they access the social media platform via Google Chrome web browser. With this, you do not need to have the video link which needs if you use the extensions for Chrome. Otherwise, you are required to follow steps 1-3 above. As soon as you have the link copied you just pop it into the "insert link" at the top of the Savefrom website and they will create a download link for you. Super easy!!

Now you are all set! You now have two alternatives, you can opt to use the Facebook platform to download your video or you can utilize Savefrom.net! In any case, you have options that work! So what do you think? Which one appears the most convenient to you as a method to download a Facebook live video? Kindly drop your comments in the field provided below and share this article with your friends.
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How to Unfollow Non Followers on Instagram

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How to Unfollow Non Followers on Instagram: Instagram is different from other social media sites in the way they work, the user interface as well as the functionalities. Unlike Facebook, where you need to send out friend requests in order to get in touch with other people, Instagram enables customer to follow each other and access each other’s profile.
In today’s article we’ll show you just how easy it is to follow Instagram users. 

How to Unfollow Non Followers on Instagram
There are a few online resources available to assist you locate individuals that typically aren't following you back on Instagram and permits you to unfollow them swiftly. You can discover these applications on Google Play Store as well as other application stores by using this keywords combination in your search. Instagram, Non-followers, Unfollower and so on. 
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In order to locate and also unfollow individuals who typically aren't following you back on Instagram, follow this step-by-step guide. 
Note: We are using InstaFollow in this instruction.
  • First install InstaFollow app from Google Play Store and also open it.
  • Currently login to your Instagram account.
  • Then offer the app authorization to your account to ensure that it can access your basic info such as profile photo, followers, those you are following and so on.
  • As soon as the serach result is loaded, open up the non-followers list and see those who aren’t really following you back.
  • Tap the "Unfollow" switch beside the person you want to unfollow. That's it.
  • If you will unfollow too many people with this app, Instagram might block your account for spam activities. That's why you should limit your activity at a particular time because there is a time period limit to unfollow individuals.
Keep in mind that these third-party applications uses the Instagram API to reveal individual's information but they are not backed or related to Instagram officially so no guarantee on how secured and reliable they are to use.
Another alternative is to take screenshots of the non-followers checklist then unfollow them by hand from the Instagram app.

I hope this article was helpful?

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How to use Instagram Search

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How to use Instagram Search: Instagram users have increased exponentially of recent and searching for users, posts, remarks, hashtags and other things are a little complicated because of the large user base. So if you have been looking for How to Search Instagram due to the problem of its volume we will help you overcome the challenge in this article as you will easily discover just what you're seeking. For all Instagram newbies out there, read the best ways to search Instagram.

How to use Instagram Search
Instagram does have a search feature popularly called look or explore but there is a little more to making use of the social network than that. To make use of this search feature, just tap the explore option, this is the magnifying glass icon and select either People, Places or Tags. Presently, these are the only three choices open up to your search but be rest assured that more are coming.
In the mobile applications, this magnifying glass will be located at the top right side of the page. There is also a search function in your Profile area with which you can select the icon in the bottom right of the screen to access the account tab. After that you see a search bar at the top. Key in a place, name or hashtag below for a list of likely profiles. You only need to enter the name of the person, business or brand you're searching for and Instagram will instantly do the search for you.

The guide above is suitable for Android, iPhone as well as the web although the structure and options might be different based on the Instagram version you have installed on your device.
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Another alternative you might wish to try out is the third party website that provides search feature for Instagram. If you have tried the web browser version of Instagram, you will realize it is not as beautiful, user friendly and suitable compared to its mobile variation. So I will implore the use of third party websites, some are much better than others yet there are a couple that appear to function well. One is Websta. A website created for social networks marketing experts to perform analytics. This website also helps to search for users on Instagram.

People uses hashtags for their pictures, so this is the best way to search for pictures, because you can use the hashtags. Hashtags function by prefixing something with '#' which is a hash. So for instance, an example of its use is for instance I went for an event and I decide to post pictures with the caption. #WeddingGuest! This informs everyone the topic of the image and also will enable the image to turn up when any individual search for Wedding Guest.

With this quick search steps, you are certain to locate anyone with an account on Instagram.

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Easy ways to Change Instagram User ID

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Easy ways to Change Instagram User ID: The Instagram ID is also known as username, it is what is shown to all other users when they are checking your account/posts. The Instagram ID can be changed at whenever you feel like and not minding the number of times. So whenever a better ID comes to your head, just login to your Instagram account as soon as you can and change it using the steps which is enumerated below;
Note that you can change your Instagram ID from both the mobile app and from a PC via Instagram web, this article will treat how it is done in both ways. 

From mobile app
  1. Visit your Instagram account through your mobile app
  2. Just at your home page, tap the profile icon which looks like a person
  3. Tap the gear icon at the top right corner of the page to go to your account settings
  4. Then select “edit profile”
  5. You will then see your present Instagram ID, click on it to edit it, erase to whole ID and enter the new ID
  6. Then finally, click “done” to save the new Instagram ID
Note again that the new ID must not have been used by any Instagram user worldwide, else, Instagram will reject it. So it’s better to get a unique ID before you decide to change the present one.
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From a PC
  1. Visit the Instagram web from your favorite browser on your PC
  2. Login to your Instagram account
  3. Go to your profile and then to settings
  4. Edit the box labelled as “username” and clear your present username
  5. Enter your new ID and click the “submit” button. A green writing appears just below the submit button which states “profile saved”, if otherwise then your new ID was not accepted by Instagram.
  6. Now that you can now change your Instagram ID at your discretion, make sure you don’t do to too often, and whenever you do it, inform your followers so they will be aware of the changes, they may decide to unfollow a strange ID found on their following list.
These are just the simple steps that you need to strictly follow to change your Instagram ID, I hope you enjoy your new identity.
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