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See how Facebook controls the adverts you see and How you can control it

See how Facebook controls the adverts you see and How you can control it-  You log into your Facebook account and suddenly an advertisement on the best places you can go for vacation or shop or eat or visit comes up and you are wondering how Facebook could read your mind. Lolzzzz. Check out how Facebook controls the adverts you see and what you can do to control it.
Facebook want the ads you see on their platform to be as interesting and useful to you as much as possible. To decide which ads you see, Facebook uses:
  • Information you share on Facebook (ex: posts or comments you make) and your activity on Facebook (such as liking a Page or a post, clicking on ads you see).
  • Other information about you from your Facebook account (ex: your age, your gender, your location, the devices you use to access Facebook).
  • Information advertisers and Facebook's marketing partners share with them what they already have, like your email address.
  • Your activity on websites and apps off of Facebook.
Amazing right? Now see How you can control the advertisements you see on Facebook:
Listed below are several ways to control which ads Facebook shows to you:
  • Adjust your ad preferences: Click or near the top-right corner of any ad on Facebook, and select ''Why am I seeing this?'' You’ll see an explanation of why you’re seeing the ad, and you can choose to hide all ads from that advertiser. Select ''Manage your ad preferences'' to see more audiences or groups that you’re a part of that influence which ads you see on Facebook, and adjust which audiences you're a part of.
  • Use interest-based advertising controls: If you don’t want Facebook to use information based on your activity on websites or apps off Facebook for the purpose of showing you ads, you can opt out from your settings.  
  • You can also opt out from all participating companies through the Digital Advertising Alliance in the US, the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada in Canada or the European Digital Advertising Alliance in Europe, or opt out using your mobile device settings

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