Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How to Create Facebook photo album

We all have those pictures we take of very special moments to upload on Facebook for our friends to see. But to avoid answering questions like "What is happening" or "Where did it happen" etc, wouldn't it be easier and much more simpler to create a photo album for those pictures? Here's how to create Facebook photo album:

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On Your Facebook Application:

  1. Tap on "What's on your mind"
  2. Tap on "+Album" 
  3. Tap on "Create"
  4. Fill in the album name and add a description (description is optional)
  5. Tap on "Friends" to choose who can see that particular photo album (this is also optional but I would advice you to set the viewing audience to your own standard for security reasons)
  6. Tap on "Feature on profile" and set it on off or on to either feature on your profile or not
  7. Tap on "Add contributors" and set it on off or on to add friends as contributors to the album
  8. Tap on "Create"at the top right hand corner of the page then proceed to add as much pictures as you want

On Your Browser:

  1. Log in your Facebook profile
  2. Click on "What's on your mind"
  3. Click on "+Album" (at the bottom of the screen)
  4. Fill in the Album name and Add a description (Description is optional)
  5. Enter friend's names to add them as contributors (also optional)
  6. Set Feature on profile to on or off for the album to feature on your profile (also optional)
  7. Click on Privacy to choose who sees the album (this also is optional but you are advised to set it to your standard for security reasons)
  8. Click on "Create" (at the bottom of the page) 

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