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Facebook.com Desktop 2018 | How do I force FB app to open in desktop mode?

Sometimes you just wish to use the Facebook desktop on your mobile browser or app. Here is a tutorial that helps...

Facebook.com Desktop 2018 - How do I force FB app to open in desktop mode?

How do I force FB app to open in desktop mode?

I can get to the desktop version of my main wall feed from WITHIN the facebook app with this link: www.facebook.com/home.php?m2w and from there I can navigate to my selling group> photos> albums, and upload a picture into the sales album.

We used to be able to open a direct link to any album from within the app and it would open the desktop version of the album. Now that isn't working. I can only get the link above to open in desktop and then work my way to the album which is cumbersome.
Is there anyway to tweak the direct link to an album and get it to open in the desktop mode???

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Replies to "How do I force FB app to open in desktop mode?"

The desktop mode is hidden in the m.facebook not the app. To find it, open your browser and search for facebook. Open facebook using the browser not the app. You will probably have to log on to your facebook account. It will default into m.facebook that looks a lot like the app. But, there is a pull out menu on the left. Open it and at the VERY bottom of the page in tiny letters is "desktop mode". Touch that and it should open the full desktop version on your mobile device - note - it will be very slow.


I also find that there is no option in the menu to use the desktop version nowadays, as there was in the past. However, something that just worked for me was to "request desktop site" in the Chrome menu using an Android tablet, then to change the "m" to a "www" in the URL.

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