Sunday, 13 May 2018

Facebook's following me hoax is making rounds again

You may have seen people warning you on your Facebook feed that there’s a secret list of people following your posts and that supposedly, they not your friends, but complete strangers.
The posts then direct you to search “Following Me” in your Facebook "block" tab and there will be a list of names you don’t recognize.

Facebook's following me hoax is making rounds again

The problem is, it is all a hoax that your Facebook friends are unknowingly perpetuating.
This isn’t the first time a following hoax has sank its fangs into people on social media. A similar claim was investigated in January that people from “Facebook security” were paid to watch people on the platform.
Both are untrue.

So how can you find out how who really is following you?

According to Facebook’s Help Center, you go to the right corner and select settings, then click public posts, then select friends or public next to who can follow me.


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