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Create New Facebook Page | How to create a Facebook Business Page - FB Fan Page Sign Up

Create New Facebook Page | How to create a Facebook Business Page - FB Fan Page Sign Up – Have you heard of Facebook fan page before? For those who do not know, Facebook page or Facebook business page allows you to voice out your business, movement, brand as well as create awareness on your freelance expertise or draw attention to your startup by connecting you to the people that matters to you.

Facebook fan page is a special feature with easy set up process that mostly starts with you having to choose from a list of templates that suits your motives/business. You get to see lots of template choices ranging from Local Business, Company, Brand, Cause, Artist, etc.

Create New Facebook Page | How to create a Facebook Business Page - FB Fan Page Sign Up

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In the virtual world today, Facebook has a high ranking that goes way beyond connecting millions of people all around the world to giving them something of interest and leaving them wanting more, incorporating tools for businesses to manage the viewers consumption to their advantage, and providing virtual offices for free.

Every business today in the corporate world or outside of the corporate world has the tendency to gear towards marketing their products no matter how small, big, digital and non-digital it is. Looking at the Facebook fan page as a marketing tool is the best that could happen for any business. Seizing the opportunity of Facebook having attracted millions of fans to their platform, there is nothing wrong in making you and your business visible.


Directly search facebook.com/pages from your browser or / Click on Pages from the left corner of your Facebook homepage.

  1. Tap on create a page.
  2. Click on the category of choice i.e. Local Business, Company, Brand, Cause, Artist, etc.
  3. Give all necessary information on the form page that appears next.
  4. Agree to the Facebook terms and conditions.
  5. Tap on Get started.
  • On this next stage, be certain to complete all information even down to your profile photo.
  • Get used to the admin panel so you can manipulate it to your advantage easily.
  • Get your page loaded with content.
  • Improve your page for SEO purposes.
  • Invite friends.


WITH FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: You can spread the word about your business/company, communicate 24/7 with your audience all year round, be the sole controller of your new business world and keep improving your statistics by keeping track of your activities.

Thinking you don’t need a Facebook page as a business owner is an entirely flawed way of thinking, I’m just pointing it out there. You don’t only need a Facebook fan page, you actually need it well written and presented as this represents the entire quality of your business.

A Facebook Fan Page Matters Thus It Is Worth Getting It Right! Please share this post with your friends on Facebook so they also learn how to create a Facebook page for their businesses. Thank You.


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